Book vs. Movie: To Kill a Mockinbird

This one is a classic. Not only the book is considered a famous and important piece of world literature, but also the movie is considered to be among the best. Both of them had been on my to-do-list for ages and now I finally found the time!



The Plot:
Set in Alabama in 1933 (although a span of 3 years is covered) we experience life through the eyes of Scout Finch, a six-year-old girl. She is close to her brother Jem and to her father Atticus who is a lawyer. The book actually addresses several different issues, but I’ll just focus on the main thing right now: a trial. A black man is accused of raping a white girl. Basically a sure death sentence, regardless of his guilt or innocence. Problems arise, not only for the man, but also for his lawyer Atticus and his family. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: The Da Vinci Code

In 2003 Dan Browns Thriller “The Da Vinci Code” was published. The novel aroused attention because of its conspiracy theories revolving around the Catholic Church. Three years later, in 2006, the movie was running at cinemas.

The Plot:
Jaques Saunière the manager of the Louvre was murdered. The American University professor Robert Langdon who is in town for a presentation is consulted by the police because Saunière left a few strange symbols right before his death. Soon afterwards Sophie Neveu from the decryption department arrives at the crime scene. She helps Langdon to escape as according to Captain Bezu Fache he was the murderer.

It turns out that Jaques Saunière was Sophie’s Grandfather and she thinks that the symbols he left are a message for her. After decrypting the symbols they really find a golden key bearing the initials “P. S.” This stands for “Prieuerè de Sion” an old secret society that is to protect the Holy Grail.

In a bank Sophie and Robert come across the use for the key. It opens a lockbox in which they find a small wooden box. Continue reading