Hello, my darling readers!
Today I have a bit of a weird one for you. The concept is interesting enough, though. So, let’s have a chat about Circle!

The Plot (as found on Rotten Tomatoes):

Fifty strangers facing execution have to pick one person among them to live.

The Rating:

Well, this was interesting. Another movie I knew nothing about before watching, so I set to be surprised.
I enjoyed that the film works with a rather simple concept: almost the entire story takes place in one room, there aren’t a million storylines, just people talking to each other and, well, dying. Even though I got a bit tedious at times (maybe that was just because we are so very used to flashier stuff?), I think the film benefited from this minimalism.

The conversations and discussions between the people who found themselves in the circle are somewhat of an exploration of the human psyche. Extreme situations can bring out the best or the worst in us, which this one definitely did. It makes you wonder, “how would I react in that situation?” I’m sure we’d all like to say that of course, we’d be altruistic, but how can you be sure? Maybe you’re a total bastard and you just don’ know it.

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