Wrapping it up for December

Hello, my darling readers!
Another month is over, so let me give you a little summary of the amazing posts just to make sure you didn’t miss anything. ūüėČ Can you believe that it’s already the end of December and 2021 is as good as over? Absolutely insane.

As is customary for December, this is the month I do a deep dive into all the holiday movies and discover some new ones!

As per usual we have the Top 5 Tuesday and Thursday Movie Pick posts, all with appropriate spooky themes as well!

And last but not least some of my favorite quotes to brighten your day:

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Home Alone 2

Hello, my darling readers!
When I decided to check out Home Alone for the very first time, I decided to make it a double tap and follow up with Home Alone 2. How does the sequel hold up in comparison to the original Christmas classic? Let’s find out!

The Plot:

If you’ve seen Home Alone you know where we are going with this. The McAllisters are taking a trip for Christmas again – this time to Florida. Well, the get separated at the airport and Kevin finds himself on a plane to New York. He barely has time to enjoy the big city life before he runs into some old enemies…

The Rating:

We all now sequels often don’t exactly scream quality, but I thought “when in Rome” and watched Home Alone 1 and 2 back to back.

So, what can be said about #2? It’s better than I would have expected!
The premise is flimsier than in the first part and they really stretch the audience’s readiness to accept the story.

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Home Alone

Hello, hello!
Fun fact about me: I’ve never seen Home Alone. Well, I hadn’t until last week when I decided to give it a shot for review’s sake. So, let’s talk about this Christmas classic!

The Plot:

The McAllister family is about to go on a trip to Paris for Christmas. During the ensuing pandemonium, they happen to forget little Kevin at home.
He’s all alone when a gang of burglars makes their way through the neighborhood. But fret not – Kevin is a clever and inventive kid…

The Rating:

Although I had never seen this film, of course, I knew all about it. Home Alone is famous, so I am familiar with the plot and wasn’t sure what to think about it. I decided to set my expectations bar pretty low, but ended up pleasantly surprised.

Home Alone won’t become my favorite Christmas flick, but it was a cute little film that I ended up enjoying.

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One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 7

This is my last post for the one ween of christmas series. Today’s movie is simply the most wonderful Christmas films (maybe even the most wonderful films in general) that have ever been made. I’m talking about the classic It’s a Wonderful Life from 1946.

The Plot:

The story tells the life of a man named George Bailey. On Christmas Eve he is in deep trouble and thus suicidal. While he is standing on a bridge contemplating to jump prayers for him reach heaven. A second class angel is sent to help George. Clarence the angel shows him how important he is by pointing out how it would have affected everybody in his hometown if George had never been born. The huge impact reached from saving his brother’s life and preventing an old druggist he was working for from going to jail to the entire town being owned by a mean old man as George never saved the bank from going bankrupt. Continue reading

One Week of Christmas: The 7 Best Movies for the Holidays Part 1

There are some movies that inevitably come around as soon as snow starts to fall. Of course a few of them are must sees. For me without watching the seven movies I am about to present here Christmas season wouldn’t be the same. They completely became part of my holiday routine and from year to year i still look forward to watching these films. =)

So here we go, the first Christmas holiday must-see:

Three Gifts for Cinderella

I guess everybody is familiar with the fairytale Cinderella. This Czech movie is a slightly different version. Released in 1973 it has become a firm part of christmas routine for many people around the world. As soon as December begins this film starts to pop up on TV every week. I remember watching it since I was little and by now I couldn’t imagine Christmas without it. To me this movie is the first step to get in a christmas-y mood. Continue reading