Book vs. Movie: Into the Wild

In 1996 the book “Into the Wild” by John Krakauer was published. The non-fiction piece was turned into a movie in 2007 with Sean Penn directing the film.

The Plot:

The story basically tells the life of a young man named Christopher McCandless. Originally John Krakauer wrote an article for “Outside” on him. Three years later an expanded version was published as book. Christopher McCandles is a bright young man who just finished college when he decides to leave everything behind and sort of drop out of society. He abandons his belongings, donates his money and starts travelling the country. His journey leads him through the United States down to Mexico before he ends where he always intended to go: Alaska. Arriving there he comes across an old abandoned bus somewhere in the wilderness which becomes his new home. After 119 days alone in the north he dies as it later turned by starvation.

Book vs. Movie:

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