Merlin: Season 5

Hey guys!
This is white we finally reached the end of the line with Merlin. I finished binging the fifth and final season, so let’s dive right in and let’s get talking!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

The fifth series of “Merlin” finds King Arthur (Bradley James) reveling in the success of his kingdom. But even as he and his trusted servant Merlin (Colin Morgan) prepare for a golden age of prosperity, destruction brews behind the scenes as the sorceress Morgana (Katie McGrath) plots to plunge Camelot into darkness.

The Rating:

Oh boy, what a finale! I am very happy with how the last season turned out. We have quite a few things to dicuss here, anything that could be considered a spoiler will be below the *read more* button.

But before I get into the details, I think we can all agree that with this, Colin Morgan once more underlined what a brilliant actor he is. This season contained so many scenes that were full of emotion and he nailed every single one of them. Eventhough we still get the usual bickering between Merlin and Arthur, they did a good job incorporating serious moments as well, allowing the actors to show more range. I can tell you, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

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TV Show Spotlight: The Kennedys (2011)

Hey guys!
Today’s TV Show Spotlight post revolves around The Kennedys, a mini series which was released in 2011. I’ll be working with this one for my master thesis at university, so stay tuned for a post on that šŸ˜‰


The Plot:
The show follows the life of John F. Kennedy. It start right at the election eve of his race with Nixon and portrays his efforts right up to his assassination. In flashbacks we learn more about his time as president and about the Kennedy family in general.


Why should you check it out?
I’ll give you a simple reason: it’s fascinating. Of course not everything you get to see really happened this way. You can tell that some stuff is exaggerated and dramatized to make it a bit more soap opera like. But in general they try to give an authentic picture of the time. A lot of original material like news broadcasts is used which makes it even more interesting.
I know that reviews were very mixed on this mini series but I found it generally enjoyable. It gives you a good insight on the politicsĀ of the 60’s and it inspired me to read up on the topic. Continue reading