Book vs. Movie: Kill Your Friends

Hey guys!
It’s time for another Book vs. Movie post. Kill your Friends was written by one of my favourite writers, John Niven in 2008. His dark comedy crime story was adapted in 2015, starring Nicholas Hoult in the main role as Steven Stelfox.



The Plot:
Steven Stelfox is an up and coming A&R agent in the Britpop music industry. However, the guy is more than hungry for success and perfectly willing to sell his own grandmother to get what he wants…


The Rating:
I remember when I read the novel a few years ago I immediately went out to grab every other book by John Niven I could get hold of. The way he writes is simply brilliant. The story is dark, gripping, evil and still hysterically funny at times. You can’t help but hate the main character yet it’s like a car crash: you just can’t look away. Both satirical and somewhat realistic, it is fresh and far more enjoyable version of American Psycho, that has some meaning behind it. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Brighton Rock (2010+1947)

Hey guys!
I recently stumbled upon an interesting adaptation of Brighton Rock, one of my favourite books, on late night television. It was the 1947 version in black and white! Immediately I was inspired to go for the newer take as well!


The Plot:
Pinky, far to young for the job, is the leader of Brighton gang. When they murder Fred Hale he has his hands full trying to cover everything up. Most of all he needs to take care of Rose, a young waitress who is a witness… Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: American Pastoral

Hey folks!
After I made my way through Philip Roth’s award-winning novel, American Pastoral, I finally had the time to check the brand new star-packed adaptation!


The Plot:
Swede Levov has the kind of life everybody dreams about: a successful business, a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter. However, everything is about to fall to pieces when Merry, his beloved little girl does something nobody would have expected: She planted a bomb and killed a man. Swede begins to question every step he took in his life – where did it go wrong? Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Forrest Gump

Hello my lovely readers!
It’s time for another book vs. movie post. After I’ve seen the film numerous times, I figured it’s worth checking out Winston Groom’s novel which was the base for Robert Zemeckis adaptation.


The Plot:
Forrest Gump is an kind-hearted young man. Some people might call him slow-witted. Nevertheless he experiences many adventures and goes through life like no one else does… Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: The Lovely Bones

Hey guys!
After watching Peter Jackson’s adaptation quite some time ago I finally found the time to check out the book. So far I had heard nothing but praise for Alice Sebold’s novel, so I was excited to find out whether it really is that good…


The Plot:
14-year old Susie Salmon has a wonderful life until one day the unspeakable happens. Susie is murdered. Alice Sebold tells the story from Susie’s point of view. She watches from heaven as her family struggles to carry on with their lives and also while her killer sets out again… Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Stardust

Hey guys!

Today’s book vs. movie is about something truly magical. I’ve already seen the film Stardust several times (not only because I adore Claire Danes) but so far never had the time to check out the novel by Neil Gaiman. Recently I was roaming the book shelves of my favourite library and stumbled upon a copy!



The Plot:
Tristan lives in a boring little village which lies next to something not so ordinary.
When Tristan and his beloved Victoria watch a star fall, he makes the foolish promise to find the star and bring it back to her. So he travels beyond the wall, and discovers Yvaine, a beautiful young woman, who turns out to be the star!
Soon it turns out Tristan wasn’t the only one looking for and for the stone that knocked her out of the sky… Continue reading