Book vs. Movie: The Circle

Hey guys!
It’s book vs. movie time. Today I chose a very recent adaptation released in 2017. The Circle is based on David Eggers 2013 novel. So let’s get down to business!


The Plot:
Mae just got very lucky. Her friend Ally got her a job at the Circle. The single most influential company in the world. They are not only revolutionizing the internet but also the world. Mae is eager to become part of everything circle related and ends up being the flagship of the company by going fully transparent and streaming every aspect of her life…


Book vs. Movie:
David Eggers wrote a fascinating and dark novel that hits the spot. He brings up so many ideas and even if some of them may sound a bit weird or ridiculous at first, I am convinced that the world he pictures isn’t far away. What he mentions feels very credible which is exactly why this very Orwellian story is so scary.
While is ideas are highly intriguing, his characters are not. Especially Mae, the main character, seems to be incapable of forming a single (critical) thought of her own. She annoyed me just so much, I wanted to smack her and shake her. I understand that the only way for the story to work like this is a characters like hers, but still – Eggers had me rolling my eyes at her several times. Let’s be honest, not everything makes sense to 100% but it’s still a very good book.
However, the movie is a bit of a letdown. While the in the novel Eggers takes his time to let the full implications of everything sink in, the film presentation just sucks. Continue reading


Book vs. Movie: The Time Machine (1960)

Hello my lovely readers!
For this book vs. movie post I checked out one the most influential science fiction novellas of all time: The Time Machine by H. G. Wells and the 1960 adaptation which marks a milestone in sci-fi films!


The Plot:
A couple of friends arrive at the home of the inventor George. It January 5th 1900. The guys are surprised when after some initial delay George arrives – exhausted and clearly shaken. He claims that he’s been travelling through time since the group had last met…


Book vs. Movie:
Let’s see about the novel.
I was absolutely fascinated by Wells’ amount of imagination. He wrote the novella in 1895, so anything even resembling time travelling was yet to become a think to talk about. That’s why The Time Machine has been so extremely influential on the entire science fiction genre afterwards.
In general, Wells idea for the future are still relevant and fascinating. His novella gave me a lot of food for thought!
In 1960 director George Pal delivered the most iconic adaptation of this story with Rod Taylor in the main role.
Similar to the novella, the movie also mark a mile stone in movie history. The time-lapse photographic effects even won an Academy Award! Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Still Alice

Hey Guys!
It’s book vs. movie time. Today I want to write about the very moving novel (and the adaptation) Still Alice. Let’s see what I think about it!


The Plot:
Alice Howard is a smart and successful woman. She’s a university professor But when Alice approaches her 50th birthday, she starts to notice changes in her ability to remember. It turns out, she’s suffering from early onset familial Alzheimer’s disease…


The Rating:
I’ll begin with my thoughts on the book. Lisa Genova wrote a compelling novel that is absolutely haunting. I’ve read my share of horror literature but nothing has ever frightened me as much as this story.
Genova paints a picture of a bright woman who has to watch her mind change without really being able to do something. No matter how hard she tries, there’s no way of stopping the disease, all she can to is waiting and watching her abilities decline. The scariest part of it all is how relatable it is. It could happen to anyone. It doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s, there are lots of diseases out there. Still Alice got under my skin, I swear even weeks after I finished the novel I would get the chills whenever I forgot something and started to wonder. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: The Dressmaker

Hey Guys!
It’s book vs. movie time. This time I took a look at Rosalie Ham’s and the 2015 adaptation starring Kate Winslet!


The Plot:
Tilly returns to her home in the Australian outback after 25 years. She’s an entirely different person than she was when she left. However, the only thing that’s changed about the town is her mother being ill. Tilly still struggles with a dramatic event that occurred in her youth and wonders whether she might have been cursed since then.
While she tries to figure out her past, dressmaker Tilly will certainly bring some fresh wind to this dusty bit of world.


Book vs. Movie:
I usually read the book first, but in this case I stumbled upon this flick on TV and only found out later that there actually is a novel. So today, I’m gonna kick off with the film!
First of all, Kate Winslet is absolutely wonderful. We all know that she certainly knows what she’s doing and doesn’t fail us with this performance. She has some great additional cast, but Kate is the shining star here.
Let me warn you. This movie might not be what you expect. It has some dark moments but also some rather weird humor. It’s the kind of thing you either love or hate as it can be somewhat irritating. However, it’s exactly down my alley.  Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Allegiant

Hello my lovely readers!
I finally made it to the end of both Veronica Roth’s series of novel as well as the movie adaptations. So let’s see how the final installment turned out!


The Plot:
Tris and her friends escaped the only world they ever knew which turned out to be nothing but an experiment. They try to adapt to the real world but of course, things aren’t perfect here either…


Book vs. Movie:
Well, you probably know by now that I wasn’t too fond of the series so far. However, I had hoped that the final part would turn things around as I saw a lot of potential in the story.
But I ended up disappointed. I’ll begin with the novel. First of all, I felt like even Veronica Roth had given up on the whole thing by now. For a long stretch of the final book she wasn’t making an effort at all. She decided to split the chapters in two points of view. Some chapters are told from Tris’ view, some from Four’s. However, the chapter were barely distinguishable. Often I had already read half the chapter before I realized that it’s not a Tris but a Four chapter.
In general there’s still a lot of whining going on – now not only by Tris but also to a large extent by her annoying boyfriend. I can’t bring myself to like any of the two characters and they both make for terrible heroes. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: The Help

Hey guys!
It’s time for a book vs. movie post and today I chose The Help, which tells the tale of african american maids in the 60s. The novel by Kathryn Stockett is a bestseller, the adaptation was nominated for countless awards. So let’s dive in!


The Plot:
Aibileen is a maid working in Jackson, Mississippi. She and several other of her african-american friends are suffering in silence and trying to make the best of their situation in the midst of difficult times.
Skeeter could not have a life that’s more different. She’s an entitled young woman who just finished University and is rather irritated by the racism she witnesses on a daily basis.
Interested in the maids and sympathetic towards them, Skeeter decides to write a book that shares their stories. However, not everybody is happy about that decision…


Book vs. Movie:
Let me begin with a few thoughts on the novel. First of all, it is a fascinating insight on life in the South. We get to see a sight hat’s usually not represented and learn about their struggles. Initially at had second thoughts about such a book being written by a white woman and my concern never fully evaporated, however, Stockett manages to give a rather authentic picture that seems genuine and heart-felt. Continue reading