Wrapping it up for … 2019

Hello, my darling readers!
Another year is over, so today I’d like to look back on my blogging year 2019. This year I changed things up on my blog a bit, so let’s see how that turned out!

T5T and TMP:

I had participated in Thursday Movie Picks from time to time last year but in 2019 I managed to have a post ready for every week’s topic. Lest I focus too much on movies/TV shows, I also did a Top 5 Tuesday post every week, which is focused on bookish topics. I want to keep this up in 2020 as well!
Be sure sure to check out Wandering Through the Shelves and Bionic Book Worm who host TMP and T5T respectively!

Movies Reviews:

As I mentioned, I did things a little differently this year. Before I just alternated post types (book review, TV show review, movie review, and book vs. movie), this year each month has a distinct topic. Within the movie review months, I did several specials as well:

  • Hitchcock – I kicked the year off with an entire month of Alfred Hitchcock film reviews. As I also did the T5T and TMP posts, this meant writing a total of 21 reviews on one of the most famous directors of all time. Here’s the list of films if you want to catch up.
  • Star Wars – I reviewed all the Star Wars movies out there, original trilogy, prequel trilogy, and all the sequels (+the parody Spaceballs). I spaced the 11 movies out over February and two reviews were posted at the beginning of March. Check out the reviews over here.
  • Marvel – The next big movie review marathon was June and July. I reviewed all 22 MCU movies from Captain America: The First Avenger all the way to Endgame. All the reviews can be found over here.
  • Halloween Horror – What would October be with a decent bunch of horror movie reviews? Just like in January I went all in and posted a review each day that didn’t already have a T5T or TMP post. Prepare to get frightened with the reviews over here.
  • Christmas – Just like October is the month of horror, December can’t go by without a bunch of Christmas movie reviews. This year I checked out some of the new flicks out there as well as some of the classics I needed to catch up with. All things Christmas are listed here.
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