Book vs. Movie: The Hobbit

As those who follow my blog will know, I recently finished the Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, as I soon as I was done, I grabbed The Hobbit and basically read it in one go.
It’s been a while since I last saw the movies, but here’s what I think of the LOR prequel!


The Plot:
Bilbo Baggins (yes the old Hobbit from Lord of the Rings) is young and happy, until Gandalf (and 13 dwarves) knocks at his door. Turns out Bilbo is to go on an adventure: defeating the dragon Smaug and help the dwarves reclaim their mountain.


Book vs. Movie:
Well, before I say anything more detailed, I’d like to point something out: LOR consisted of three books each 300 to 400 pages long which resulted in a trilogy of 3 hour-long movies. The Hobbit on the other hand is one 300 page book, but still they made 3 movies out of it.
I remember when seeing the films (especially the last one) the story felt lengthy and you could clearly tell they were in for the money. However, after I read the book, I changed my opinion (well, not about the money-making, but about the lengthy part). Continue reading