Book vs. Movie: The Girl on the Train

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It’s been far too long since my last book vs. movie post, so today I want to talk about The Girl on the Train. The novel was published in 2015 and it didn’t take long for Hollywood to pick up the story. The movie hit the cinemas in 2016! So let’s see whether it’s worth checking out!


The Plot:
Rachel is an alcoholic. Despite having lost her job, she still commutes to the city every day, passing by her old home on the way. From the train she watches the new owners, a young couple. However, the woman goes missing and Rachel might hold an important clue – if only she could remember…


Book vs. Movie:
I’ve heard lots of people refer to this as the new Gone Girl. In case you read my review on that you’ll know that I wasn’t quite as impressed as everybody else. Still I decided to give The Girl on the Train a chance but -spoilers- I should’ve saved myself the time.
I’ll kick off with some thoughts on the novel. The first problem here is that it doesn’t contain a single likeable character. Throughout the entire book not one person shows up that you’ll care for even the slightest. Most of them are just annoying and will have you rolling your eyes. The story is told from three different perspectives. We get three women who are very similar and all of them utterly boring. As mentioned before, this novel sports the same theme as Gone Girl. It’s what I refer to as the “crazy bitch plotline”, something I don’t fancy at all. To me it’s not smart or empowering or showing strong women or anything like that. We simply get a crazy bitch who is -spoilers- crazy! Continue reading

Time to Talk about Books: The Fault in our Stars by John Green

In 2012 John Green’s novel “The Fault in our Stars” was published. The award-winning book about a girl suffering from cancer soon became a bestseller.

The Plot:

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in our Stars

Hazel, a young girl suffering from a form of cancer, a meets boy named Augustus at a support group. They fallfor each other (first slowly and then all at once like John Green would say :D). Together they experience some awesome things before it all comes to a tragic end.

The Rating:
If you hear what the book is about you think it’s nothing special. A story like one thousand others. But this book is different. Continue reading