3 Thoughts on Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 2

Hey folks!
Last month I wrote a post about an amazing TV show I stumbled upon: Ash vs. Evil Dead. I finally had time to check out season 2, so let’s find out whether you should keep on tuning in!



Thought #1 – The Characters:
In season 1 we were introduced to some new characters I grew quite fond of. In season 2 we do not only get some more amazing and surprising cast members, but watch them also gaining more and more depth. Especially when the show turns a bit darker, I was thrilled to find out how each character would handle it. Ash in particular surprised me here… Continue reading


TV Show Spotlight: Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hey guys!
I’ve already mentioned this show before but so far neglected to give it a proper introduction. So let me present to you: Ash vs. Evil Dead, a comedy horror show developed by Sam Raimi and based on his homonymous movie series!


What is it about?
Our good old friend Ash (played by Bruce Campbell) is living a pretty decent life when all of sudden (because he did something stupid) the Evil Dead show up again, more 30 years after their last encounter. Well, as we all know, Ash is just THE man to stop them…

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Halloween Horror: Top 4 Scary TV Shows

Hello Guys!
Halloween is getting closer, and I’m busy watching horror movies. If you have some more time at hand I have some awesome TV shows that will get you in the groove for Halloween. Be prepared to get scared!


#1 Ash vs Evil Dead:
This show is actually my most recent discovery. All of you who know the original Evil Dead series will love this show. Ash is back and still kicking. It is just as funny, weird and gore-y as the movies are!

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3 Thoughts on Ash vs. Evil Dead

Hello my lovely readers!
Did you know that there is a show out there named Ash vs. Evil Dead, a spin-off to the Evil Dead movie series, starring Bruce Campbell in the leading role?
Well, I only found out about its existence a week ago. You can probably guess how super stoked I was! But is the show even worth watching?


Thought #1 – OMG an Evil Dead sequel!
The Evil Dead series has always been of my favorite horror movies. Believe me when I say there is nothing like it. It is so super hilarious! Well, the films came out in the 80’s so I never even toyed with the idea of a sequel.
When I read about the whole thing I didn’t even know what to expect. But the fact that Bruce Campbell (now stunning 58 years old) would return to his role as Ash was enough to leave me bonkers! Continue reading

4 Amazing TV Shows that will return this Fall!

Summer may be over soon, and although I will miss it, there is one truly great thing about fall: My favorite TV shows returning for another season. I’m already super excited, I hope you are too!


2 Broke Girls:
The first two episodes of season 6 will air on 10th October. I’ve love the story of two very unlikely girls becoming friends and business partners from the very start. There’s a bit of me in both of the main characters and I constantly sway in my decision whom I resemble more.
And cupcakes are always a good idea ๐Ÿ˜‰


American Horror Story:
This show actually returns today, also with season 6. After #5 started out really impressive but began to weaken throughout the season, I can’t wait to find out what they will come up with now. I don’t even know what this season main theme will be and I honestly have no clue.
Get ready to be frightened!

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