TV Ramble: The Romanoffs

Hey, guys!
In October 2018 Amazon released the anthology web show The Romanoffs. I was super excited to check out the eight episodes that were produced. Well, it was not what I had expected and I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

The Plot:

Given that this is an anthology show, it is somewhat difficult to explain that plot. It’s set all around the globe, featuring different characters in each episode. The only common denominator is that the characters are somehow loosely linked to the Russian royal family, the Romanoffs.

The Review:

I need to be honest here. When Amazon announced the show, I got extremely excited. Anastasia was one of my favorite childhood animated movies, so I’ve always been fascinated by the Romanoffs. I didn’t bother checking out any trailers, as the description Amazon provided was right down my alley.

Well, the show was extremely different from what I had expected. When a show is called the Romanoffs, I actually expected there to be some link to the royals that is somewhat influential on the plot. However, calling this show The Romanoffs is more than just a slight exaggeration. Most of the episodes have literally nothing to do with them. Let me give you an example: once the only time the Romanoffs are even mentioned is in a single sentence where a character says “A friend of mine is writing a book about that topic”. That’s it. Some episodes are a little more intertwined with them but it’s still not what I had expected or wanted.

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TV Show Spotlight: Feud

Hey guys!
Today I want to share one of my favourite TV shows that started in 2017! As anthologies are popular at the moment Ryan Murphy (writer for American Horror Story) created this new show.


What is it about?
Being an anthology, Feud will have a different story each season, however, the main topic – you may have guessed it – are famous feuds.
The first season deals with the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford sparked by the movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, in which they co-starred. So we follow their professional careers, their private lives and learn about (and from) stars of that time.
The second season, which will premier in 2018, is about Prince Charles and Princess Diana – so that is bound to be interesting too! Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Black Mirror

Hello my lovely readers!
Well, Black Mirror is another one of those amazing shows I was super late to check out. However, after episode one I was hooked! So let’s see what Back Mirror is about!


What is it about?
This question is not that easy to answer. Each episode has a different theme and tells a different story. They are loosely connected by the fact that technology  plays an integral part. Furthermore, there’s always a rather dark aspect to every episode that will make you question some stuff… Continue reading