Christmas Movie Mania: The Nutcracker Prince

Hey Guys!
Only 2 more weeks left before it’s finally Christmas. So it’s definitely time to check out some movies for the holidays. Today’s film, The Nutcracker Prince, is one of my childhood favourite. I’ve seen it so often, it’s a wonder the video cassette is still intact 😀


The Plot:
It’s Christmas time in Germany and the Clara and her brother receive the most wonderful gifts. Their slightly weird uncle Drosselmeier built a fully automated castle that is simply magical. However, for Clara he has one more thing in store: a nutcracker. Drosselmeier tells her a story about her gift: The Nutcracker is actually his nephew. The mouse queen cast a spell on him for saving the Princess Pirlipat from the mice.
However, it soon turns out that Drosselmeier wasn’t joking. The mouse king returns to kill the Nutcracker. In order to defeat him, Clara has to join forces with the Nutcracker in the land of dolls… Continue reading