Movie Mania: Tomb Raider (2018)

Hey guys!
It’s movie review time. Today I want to talk about one the biggest films of 2018: Tomb Raider. Alicia Vikander had to fill some big shoes, so let’s see how well she did!


The Plot:
Lara Croft, daughter of the famous Lord Croft, is getting by as a bike courier. After her father disappeared on one of his expeditions she never gave up hope. Despite him missing for years, Lara refuses to pronounce him dead and claim her inheritance. However, when Croft manor is about to be sold off, she has to reconsider – and discovers something among her fathers possessions.
After listening to a pre-recorded video of her dad, Lara scrapes together her last dimes and sets out for Japan to solve the mystery surrounding her fathers disappearance.

The Rating:
Well, well. I have some mixed feelings on this one.
The film kicked off strongly and I enjoyed Vikander’s performance. The way they approached the character of Lara for this production had something fresh and not yet worn out.
Unfortunately, my excitement went down the drain once Lara left for Japan. At that point the story became highly unrealistic and lots of stuff didn’t make the slightest sense. Example: She arrives in a small village in Japan and not a single person is able to speak English. However, the exact guy she is looking for (a hopeless drunk) speaks perfect English without an accent. Continue reading

Movie Mania: Maleficent

I finally found the time to catch up with the very successful movies of 2014 and 2015. A film I was particularly thrilled about but just couldn’t find the time to watch is Maleficent. We all know her – she’s the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty, but what’s her story?


The Plot:
In this movie we experience a familiar tale from a new angle. This time the story follows Maleficent, how she grew up, what made her angry and what really happened with Sleeping Beauty.


The Rating:
As you can tell by now, I was really excited about this one.
First of all, I love the fact that the took an old story and refashioned it. Although the made Maleficent something completely new they also added little pieces we all know from the Sleeping Beauty Disney film. So despite watching the story from a different angle you still get the connection to the original story. It perfectly adds depth and substance.
Furthermore, Angelina Jolie did a great job portraying Maleficent’s transition and all the bruises – inside and outside – she carried with her. Although I am usually a bit torn when it comes to Jolie’s performances I definitely add this one to my favourites.
Another point that makes this movie really stand out is the scenery. I suppose most of it was generated via computer and whoever was responsible for that deserves an applause. Especially the Moors looked absolutely stunning and magical.
The only one I wasn’t impressed by is Sharlto Copley. He did a halfway decent job but at the end of the day his character remained somewhat pale. He just couldn’t get it across.
But despite this very tiny flaw I can fully recommend Maleficent.

So, as far as fairytale-movie are concerned, I now count Maleficent among my favourites. It adds a completely new touch and depth to Sleeping Beauty – a story we all grew up with. The actors did an amazing job and the movie is already worth seeing just because of the setting!


What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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Movie Mania: The Tourist

The movie “The Tourist” which was shot by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck in 2010 is based on the French film Anthony Zimmer. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie play the leading roles in this thriller.

The Story:

The movies revolves around a guy named  Alexander Pearce. Both Scotland Yard as well as the French police are hot on his heels as he owes the state 744 million of taxes. To find him they closely watch his girlfriend Elise. Continue reading