Book Review: The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

Hey Guys!
Today I want to talk about a book I’ve wanted to read for ages. Ever since the first trailer for the Amazon series came out, this novel has been sitting on my to-read list. Is it worth all the fuss?

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick - Cover from Goodsreads

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick – Cover from Goodsreads


The Plot:
America 1962. The Second World War ended almost 20 years ago, but it didn’t turn out the way we know. In this novel, the Nazis won. The U. S. was divided into different zones, occupied by the Nazis and Japan. However, a resistance is working against the regime…


The Rating:
First of all: The Plot is absolutely fascinating. As horrifying as the idea itself is, I was still intrigued by the little details Philip K. Dick came up with. The alternate reality he created seems almost as real as ours.
Well, but no matter how interesting the story is, there are a few flaws I cannot ignore. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: SS-GB

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I want to talk about one of my 2017 discoveries. I stumbled upon this mini series by surprise by was hooked from the first episode on!


What is it about?
This show is actually based on a novel written by Len Deighton. The rather irritating title already indicates the plot: it’s an alternative timeline where the Nazis won the Battle of Britain and currently occupy the land. Set in 1941 we follow Douglas Archer, a Scotland Yard detective, who despite trying to keep out of things soon finds himself in over his head…


Why should you check it out?
First of all, those alternative timelines always have something haunting. It’s like an entire story full of what-ifs. For me it’s fascinating to explore what might have been, especially if the plot is constructed this thoughtfully and cleverly. I’m no expert on WWII, and especially not on Great Britain, but this show largely felt very realistic. You could tell that they paid attention to even the smallest details. Shout out to the BBC for always delivering quality work! Continue reading