Sneaky Pete: Season 2 – A Review

Hey guys!
The second season of Amazon production Sneaky Pete was released recently. I was quite fond of the first one, so I immediately started binge-watching! Let’s see what Pete has been up to…


The Plot:
We start right where we ended after season 1. While the family tries to clean up the mess they got themselves into, Pete/Marius is dealing with something different: some thugs showed up demanding to see his mother and the 11 million dollars they stole together – only Maggie Murphy is said to be dead, as far as Pete/Marius knows…


The Rating:
Let’s dive right in. While the first season had a bunch of rather light and funny moments, the tone feels much darker here – and it works very well. As just about every character has a body hidden in the basement by now, it’s good that they shifted the tone instead of desperately trying to keep it funny. There’s even more action going on than in season one and you’ll have to pay attention, otherwise you’ll get confused. We get quite a lot of different plot lines, each of them very cleverly created.  Continue reading