American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 2 Death Valley)

Hello, my lovely readers!
I talked about the first half of American Horror Story’s Double Feature season recently. It was surprisingly cool, so I was excited to check out the send half. Does it hold up?

The Plot:

I don’t even know how to describe the plot of the second part of this season. Let’s just say: ALIENS and leave it at that. 😅

The Rating:

Oh man, I was quite happy about the first half of this season, so I upped my hopes for the second part. I really shouldn’t have.

We started out interesting enough. The whole black and white stick with Eisenhower and the aliens, that was intriguing. Had all of the season been like that, I would have been on board. Where they lost was when the switch to the present day occurred. The writing for that part of the story was so freaking shitty, it was almost painful. And not just that, the acting performances were lacking as well. I’ve mentioned this when I talked about American Horror Stories, but especially Kaia Gerber (who I’m sure is great at whatever it is she normally does) could not act if her life depended on it. I’m sorry but all the scenes she was in were so cringy.

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American Horror Story: 1984 – A Review

Hello, my darling readers!
I know it’s been a while since the ninth season of American Horror Story has aired. In fact, the latest season is just around the corner. 1984 left me a bit underwhelmed so I forgot about writing this review, but I’m catching up now. So, here we go!

The Plot:

As you probably guess from the title, this season the show is set in the 80s and focus on your regular slasher movie tropes: a killer at a camp and motely crew of counselors left to deal with that…

The Rating:

I was initially pretty excited about this season but something just didn’t feel right. 1984 failed to fully convince me, although I still can’t fully put my finger on where the problem lies.

1984 tried to do a lot of different things at once and I’m not sure all of those combinations worked. No spoilers here but let me just says things didn’t come together as seamlessly as I would have hoped.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse – A Review on Season 8

Hello my lovely readers.
Season 8 of American Horror Story concluded two weeks ago and I finally finished watching. So let’s talk about Apocalypse!


The Plot:
This season is set in several different points in time. Most of the world is eradicated by a nuclear blast. A handful of people is saved – they are hiding in “outposts”. Soon before long they get are visited by Michael Langdon, the Antichrist…


The Rating:
As usual, this season was quite weird. After the first few episodes I didn’t have the slightest idea where this would be going.
Let’s first talk about the things I thoroughly enjoyed. This season is a cross-over, allowing us to revisit places and characters from season 1 Murder House and Season 3 Coven. It’s so great that some of my favourite characters get to return and some aspects of those seasons get some closure. They new characters we are introduced to are also fun and fascinating. A few things were a bit over the top, but I was ready to ignore that.
For the first three episodes I was wondering what direction the season would take, then the witches arrived. I was a bit irritated but, hey, let’s just go with the flow. The following episodes were not quite as strong as the first three, but the story still was interesting and there were a bunch of very impressive moments. After a while the season seemed to be back on track and I was hooked. Continue reading

American Horror Story: Season 7 (Cult) – A Review

Hey Guys!
I neglected to give my two cents on the last season of American Horror Story which was titled Cult. It took me a while to get my thoughts in order on that one, so let’s see about it before season 8 starts this fall!


The Plot:
Ally is very distraught by the results of the 2016 presidential election which was won by Donald Trump. Several of her long-standing phobias seem to be taking over and Ally fears she’s losing her mind. But is it really her imagination? Or is somebody targeting her?


The Rating:
This season was weird. I mean, all AHS seasons are weird, but with this one it took me some time to get pulled in.
Not everything about this season made sense. But apart from that, my problem was that things were pictured to be very black and white. It started out very promising but seemed to be going in many different directions, some of them featuring plot holes and not coming together all that well.  Continue reading

3 Thoughts on American Horror Story Season 6 – Roanoke Nightmare

Hey Guys!
It’s been two weeks already since the final episode of American Horror Story’s 6th season aired. This season was something completely different from what we got before (for some more general info on this season click here). Let’s see how it turned out!


Thought #1 – The Format:
This season is not what we are used to. Although every season had something different to offer, this one had the biggest change (so far). Roanoke Nightmare doesn’t simply follow a narrative. The show kicks off with a fake show within the show! You get some people sitting ona chair, facing the camera, telling their story, while some actors re-enact whatever they went through.
To be honest, I usually don’t watch the kind of show they did in this season. It took me a bit to get used to it but as they executed the whole thing very interestingly. But – here comes the big but: they overstretched it. The first show within the show actually ended halfway through the season. After that they did another TV Show were the guys from the first one returned to the horror house. By that point I started to be annoyed. While the first one actually was interesting this was just cheap and the kind of stuff I would never ever watch.


Thought #2 – The Actors:
So due to the format we got two actors for one role in the first half of the season. To be honest, it felt like most of the actors didn’t get to show their full potential (or even half of it). At some point I got the impression that it was just an excuse to bring back all the fan favourites. While there was more stuff going on in the second half of the season there wasn’t much depth to most of the characters, thus resulting in annoying characters played by bored actors.


Thought #3 – What is going on here?
The original idea for this season was the disappearance of the Roanoke colony. Turns out the didn’t disappear or even die, they are still around and hunting everybody who even gets near the house. While I am certain that this would have been enough to make a very fascinating plot line, there is much more stuff going on: Everybody who was killed by them seemed to hang around to. An Asian family, two murdering sister, … In addition to that we get Lady Gaga as some sort of witch who is roaming the woods and on top of that: a super weird hill-billy family that is not only creepy but also very dangerous.
For me, it was just too much. Some of the stories were only briefly touched and the viewer was left wondering. New ones were constantly introduced without giving much explanation. Reduction would have been the key word here.


I have to say that Roanoke Nightmare irritated me at first. While I was prepared to accept the new format, I ended up very disappointed that they exaggerated it so much. This season started out very promising but especially after about half of the season was but one thing: annoying.


Did you watch Roanoke Nightmare? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Halloween Horror: Top 4 Scary TV Shows

Hello Guys!
Halloween is getting closer, and I’m busy watching horror movies. If you have some more time at hand I have some awesome TV shows that will get you in the groove for Halloween. Be prepared to get scared!


#1 Ash vs Evil Dead:
This show is actually my most recent discovery. All of you who know the original Evil Dead series will love this show. Ash is back and still kicking. It is just as funny, weird and gore-y as the movies are!

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