Book vs. Movie: The Devil Wears Prada

Hello my lovely readers!
I recently wrote a post on Lauren Weisbergers novel The Devil Wears Prada and on how much I – unfortunately – disliked it. Let’s see how the movie adaptation holds up in comparison!


The Plot:
Andy Sachs lands her first magazine job – at not just any magazine! She gets to work at Runway one of the most famous fashion magazine in the world. However, her boss Miranda is basically the devil. Andy has to survive one year in this job, but will she be able to make?


Book vs. Movie:
In case you haven’t read my book review, let me summarize real quick what I disliked about the novel: It was super repetitive, not only in motives but also in language. None of the characters had any depth. Despite Andy being the heroine of the story, I can not relate to her or even like her. She’s annoying, unprofessional and ungrateful. Miranda is depicted as extremely one dimensional which really did not help the story.
In light of these points of criticism, I was surprised how good the movie turned out to be.Β  Continue reading


Book vs. TV Show: The Man in the High Castle

Hello my lovely readers!
Not too long ago, I did a book review on Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle. I was super excited to check out Amazon’s adaptation of the story into a series. So I sat down, and binge-watched…


The Plot:
America 1962. The Second World War ended almost 20 years ago, but it didn’t turn out the way we know. In this novel, the Nazis won. The U. S. was divided into different zones, occupied by the Nazis and Japan. However, a resistance is working against the regime…


Book vs. TV Show:
Those of you who read my book review will know that I had my troubles with Philip K. Dick’s novel. While I consider the story itself both fascinating and horrifying, the way he carried it out wasn’t really to my liking. As the book was rather short and many aspect felt undeveloped and pale, I was very excited about the TV show, as it would provide more time to lay out certain events. Moreover, the book ended kind of in the middle of everything, not answering a single question that was raised. That really annoyed me, so once more, I got my hopes up for the show to continue where the book ended.
So I sat down, made myself comfortable and waited for Amazon to blow me away.
Well, they did a pretty good job! The cast is very well picked and, honestly, I couldn’t find a single actor or actress who didn’t fit in perfectly. You can also tell how much effort they put into making everything look realistic. Every little detail was taken care of. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Inkheart

Hello my lovely readers!
A few days ago I wrote a post on Cornelia Funke’s wonderful novel Inkheart. I was pretty excited that there is a movie adapation and of course sat down to watch it immediately after I finished the book. But was it worth the time? (By the way, stay tuned for reviews on book 2+3, Inspell and Inkdeath!)


The Plot:
Meggie, a twelve-year-old girl, looks out the window of her room and sees a strange man standing in the yard. Little does she know that his appearance is bound to change her life forever.
This stranger is from another world, a world created with ink on paper. And Meggie’s father Mo brought him here. Him, and some darker characters…


Book vs. Movie:
I already covered my opinion on the book in detail, so let’s just do a quick summary: the novel as absolutely wonderful. The story is unique, the characters are to die for. It’s simply magical. Inkheart is a special book that connects in a certain way with everyone who loves to read. This novel will never let you go.
So, let’s talk about the film. Cornelia Funke herself is on board as producer, the cast list consists of Hollywood’s finest actors. What could go wrong here? The answer is: everything. Continue reading

Movie Mania: Ghost in a Shell

Hey guys!
It’s time for another movie review. Ghost in a Shell is one of the big blockbusters of 2017. Let’s see whether this Manga-adaptation is any good!


The Plot:
Major Mira Killian is what they call a Ghost in a Shell. Some time ago she was almost killed in a terrorist attack but a team of scientists took her brain and implanted it into a shell, making her a robot with a human brain, with a soul. Mira is one of the most important weapons in counter terrorism operations. However, she starts to remember things. What was her life like before? How did she really die?


The Rating:
Ghost in a Shell is one of those movies you have to watch at a cinema. It’s so visually stunning and full of perfectly choreographed action scenes that you need a huge screen to be able to take it all in.
I have to admit, I’ve never read the mangas but judging from this film, I’m certain that they are simply fascinating.
You can clearly tell that it comes from a visual media that relies strongly on pictures. One of the first things you’ll notice about Ghost in a Shell is that at any time throughout this film you could hit the pause button and whatever scene you get would be worthy to print as a poster. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: 13 Reasons Why

Hello my lovely readers!
Today I want to talk about another 2017 TV show that really fascinated me. To be honest, 13 Reasons Why got right under my skin!


What is it about?
Hannah Baker is dead. She committed suicide. While everybody is still shaken by what has happened, Clay Jensen receives a shoe box full of cassettes. On these tapes, Hannah Baker recorded 13 reasons that led her to kill herself…


Why should you check it out?
I remember reading the book back in the day when it first came out. It was a thrilling novel, simply impossible to put down. So I was pretty excited when Netflix announced the adaptation.
As there is only one book, but 13 episodes (each of them an hour-long) some things feel a little stretched out. But I quickly got over that first little irritation. If you allow yourself to fully take in this show, it will get under your skin and send shivers down your spine. Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Look Who’s Back

Hey guys!
This Book vs. Movie post will revolve around one the best German books I read in the last years, the infamous: Look Who’s Back by Timur Vermes. Of course it didn’t take long for this best-selling novel to be adapted for the big screen!


The Plot:
Hitler is back. He wakes up in present day Berlin without any memory of what happened in the last 70 years. Strolling around in his uniform, Hitler is picked up by a TV company. As they believe him to be an impersonator doing a satirical comic programme, he is put on air…


Book vs. Movie:
Timur Vermes wrote a very dark and very gripping book. I love how dark and smart it is and how much stuff you can read between the lines. You wouldn’t expect it, but the sense of humor is outstanding. In fact, I ended up taking pictures of some quotes and sending them to my friends, so they could have a laugh too! You should know a few things about WWII and the people involved to fully understand the stuff the writer alludes to. Otherwise many of the smart little side notes will be lost. But tha’s exactly what I enjoyed about this novel. Timur Vermes takes the reader as smart person and doesn’t spell everything out! Continue reading