Movie Mania: Teen Wolf

Hey guys!
It’s time for another movie review. Today I chose one of my favorite Michael J. Fox classics!


The Plot:
Scott is your average high school student. Until one day, he turns into a werewolf. Turns out, it’s something he inherited from his father! The wolf seems to be very popular but what about Scott?


The Rating:
So, I’ll be honest with you. This film is your typical 80’s flick. The only difference is that it comes as a werewolf. The movie isn’t particular smart, or outrageously funny. Michael J. Fox did better stuff.
Nevertheless it’s one of my favorites. The idea is cute and at times the story will make you laugh. The soundtrack is pretty cool. But most importantly: it has the real 80’s vibe. It feels kind of authentic and Michael J. Fox was definitely the only one who could have rocked the film like this. Continue reading

Stranger Things: Season 2 – A Review

Hey guys!
The more reviews I write, the more I realize how behind I am on the latest seasons. Stranger Things season 3 is coming out soon(ish), so it’s about time I share my two cents on season 2!


The Plot:
Everybody is trying to come to terms with the events of season 1. But the horror is far from over. Will may be back, but is certainly not okay. What’s going on in the Upside Down? And where is Eleven?

The Rating:
Stranger Things is one of the best shows currently out there.
The second season may not be as 100 % brilliant as the first one, but for me it’s at about 98 %. That’s certainly something I can live with.
I was beyond excited to see what the show runners had in store for us with season 2. There are many surprises and plot turns I hadn’t seen coming (but also some I had hoped for). The story remains intricate and capturing, so season 3 promises to be interesting as well. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Stranger Things

Hey Guys!
The show I want to present today is one you probably already heard of. Stranger Things is what everybody is talking about right now. Although the first season came out only a month ago, it’s already one of Netflix’ most successful productions!



What is it about?
It’s 1983. Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Will are having a great time playing dungeons and dragons. Life is good. But on his way home Will vanishes. It soon turns out that this is not a regular crime but something far more mysterious. You won’t believe your own eyes…. Continue reading