Wrapping it up for … 2019

Hello, my darling readers!
Another year is over, so today I’d like to look back on my blogging year 2019. This year I changed things up on my blog a bit, so let’s see how that turned out!

T5T and TMP:

I had participated in Thursday Movie Picks from time to time last year but in 2019 I managed to have a post ready for every week’s topic. Lest I focus too much on movies/TV shows, I also did a Top 5 Tuesday post every week, which is focused on bookish topics. I want to keep this up in 2020 as well!
Be sure sure to check out Wandering Through the Shelves and Bionic Book Worm who host TMP and T5T respectively!

Movies Reviews:

As I mentioned, I did things a little differently this year. Before I just alternated post types (book review, TV show review, movie review, and book vs. movie), this year each month has a distinct topic. Within the movie review months, I did several specials as well:

  • Hitchcock – I kicked the year off with an entire month of Alfred Hitchcock film reviews. As I also did the T5T and TMP posts, this meant writing a total of 21 reviews on one of the most famous directors of all time. Here’s the list of films if you want to catch up.
  • Star Wars – I reviewed all the Star Wars movies out there, original trilogy, prequel trilogy, and all the sequels (+the parody Spaceballs). I spaced the 11 movies out over February and two reviews were posted at the beginning of March. Check out the reviews over here.
  • Marvel – The next big movie review marathon was June and July. I reviewed all 22 MCU movies from Captain America: The First Avenger all the way to Endgame. All the reviews can be found over here.
  • Halloween Horror – What would October be with a decent bunch of horror movie reviews? Just like in January I went all in and posted a review each day that didn’t already have a T5T or TMP post. Prepare to get frightened with the reviews over here.
  • Christmas – Just like October is the month of horror, December can’t go by without a bunch of Christmas movie reviews. This year I checked out some of the new flicks out there as well as some of the classics I needed to catch up with. All things Christmas are listed here.
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My Favorite 2019 Blogging Moments Tag!

Hey guys!
The wonderful Laura from thebookcorps tagged me to do a brand post idea she came up with. Therefore, I’ll be sharing my favorite blogging moments for 2019 with you today. At the end of the post, I tagged a few bloggers whom I’d love to do this tag as well. However, even if I didn’t tag you, please go ahead and join in, I’d love to read all your posts!

Da Rules:

  1. All the answers must be about your blog posts
  2. Please link the original creator of the tag so I can see all your posts!
  3. You don’t have to provide just one post for each question, you can provide as many as you want so long as they were written in 2019
  4. If you haven’t written a post that matches one of the questions, choose one that relates to it as close as possible
  5. Tag 5+ bloggers so they can share their accomplishments too! And make sure you read the posts they share!


I already shared my favorite book reviews of 2019 but I think the one I poured most feeling into is the review for A Court of Mist and Fury. Although I found quite a few issues I have with Sarah J. Maas’ writing, I was blown away by ACOMAF at that time and beyond excited to write my post.


Well, I don’t really do discussion posts. However, the one post that sparked the most discussion here on my blog, my tumblr page and in real life is definitely my review of the final season of Game of Thrones. I had a lot of opinions when it for this trainwreck of a season and gave a rather detailed account of all the reasons it sucked and everything Benioff and Weiss did wrong. Many people joined in and added all their reasons why they hated the final GOT season.


I haven’t done too many fun posts this year. Between Top 5 Tuesdays and Thursday Movie Picks I just tried to get my regular reviews posted. Well, I did do the Mid Year Freakout Tag. I had a great time coming up with answers to all the questions, so be sure to check it out and tell me your choices!

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Let It Snow (2019)

Hey, guys!
Can you believe it’s already December? I swear 2019 had only just started last week!
Anyways, you know what December means, right? It’s time for Christmas movies! How else would you get into that holiday spirit? So, this month, I’ll be showering you in reviews of X-Mas/holiday movies both old and new.
Let’s begin with one of Netflix’s latest releases in that department: Let It Snow!

The Plot:

This romantic Christmas Comedy is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Maureen Johnson, John Green, and Lauren Myracle. It tells a few different tales, so here we go: there are the old friends Tobin and Duke who might or might not have a thing for each other, there’s Julie who runs into a famous singer on the train and hangs out with him for the day, and finally there’s a wafflehouse with a lot of stuff going on…

The Rating:

I’ll be upfront, I had pretty low expectations for this one. Netflix dumped the trailer on me and it looked cheesy a f but in the name of sciences/reviews, I decided to give it a shot.

Well, it wasn’t that bad! Turns out, Let It Snow is actually a cute little flick that is pretty decent and enjoyable. I wouldn’t watch it a second time and it didn’t leave much of an impression, but it was nice while it lasted.

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Halloween Horror: Midsommar

Hello, hello!
October is almost over. As the 31st is a Thursday and that is TMP day, this is the last horror movie review I have for you. Midsommar is currently in theaters, so you still have a chance to check it out. 😉

The Plot:

A group of American students is invited to go to Sweden to visit their friend’s commune. They are just at the right time: a once in a lifetime festival is about to take place…

The Rating:

Wow, this was intense!
I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite as hypnotizing as this. The set design is stunning and the colors (especially towards the end) are striking. But let’s backtrack and start at the beginning.

The film kicks off with a family tragedy that leaves the protagonist Dani struggling. It seems to be the only thing that keeps the relationship with her boyfriend going. He’s wanted to break up with her for a while now but he certainly doesn’t want to be the asshole who dumps her after her family died. I absolutely love the depiction of their relationship. It’s quite realistic and so very relatable. At least on a smaller scale, we all have had this moment where you actually don’t want to keep going but then it’s the person’s birthday, or they just got fired or whatever. Or maybe you can see it falling apart but are still holding on as you are afraid of where that would leave (I felt a bit like this was the case with Dani).

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Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 covers of 2019

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, that means it’s time for a bookish favorites posts. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Shanah Bionic Book Worm and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
This week I’ll talk about my favorite covers of 2019!

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo

I finally boarded the Leigh Bardugo fan ship. After binge-reading all of the Grishaverse books I can’t wait for more material from her. Although all the covers were beautifully designed, my favorite is King of Scars. It’s golden, it shimmers, it’s smooth, it’s almost hypnotizing.

I have a little confession to make: I have a new obsession. I am currently super into book subscription boxes. As, by now, I’ve accumulated quite a few of them, I also have some stunning new books to read. The boxes I ordered mostly contained special editions of the novels included (sometimes with sprayed edges), so that’s where I got all the following picks!

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

I am currently reading this book and can’t help but to marvel at it every single time I pick it up. The cover is shimmering and I love the color combination. My copy came with sprayed edges in the same petrol color the background of the cover is and the edges glitter. Yes, you read correctly there is glitter.

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Captain Marvel

Hello, my darling readers!
Welcome to the second post of my MCU review series. In terms of chronology, Captain Marvel is the next film after Captain America, so here we go!

The Plot:

As Carol Danvers rediscovers her past, she becomes one of the most powerful beings in the entire universe…

The Rating:

I am super glad that Captain Marvel is the second film if you watch the MCU movies in chronological order as I was really excited to watch this one.
Well, Brie Larson didn’t disappoint me!

There are many things I liked about this film. Let’s start with something simple: the soundtrack. As a large chunk of the film is set in the 1990s, that’s where most of the music comes from. Of course, we get Nirvana, but generally speaking, it is a very “girl power” soundtrack. With bands like Garbage, No Doubt and Hole (bonus points for actually using my favorite song of them for the credits) it’s a perfect fit for Captain Marvel.
I was only somewhat sad, that no Nine Inch Nails were played. Carol wears a NIN shirt during the film, so I kind of expected at least one of their songs to be included.

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