Old vs. New: Evil Dead

Hey guys!
Today I have something very interesting for you. I’m sure most of you have watched one or maybe several movies/TV shows of the Evil Dead franchise. Since the three original films are one of my favourite horror flicks in general I was sceptical about the new one that came out in 2013. Is it as good as the old stuff?


The Plot:
Your basic horror movie scheme: A group of friends is alone in the woods, having the time of their lives in some cabin they rented. Soon before they encounter something evil that lives there too…


Old vs. New:

Sam Raimi’s 1981 movie had been a revolutionary step when it comes to horror films. I remember my mother telling me that back in the The Evil Dead was just about the toughest thing out there. No wonder such a huge franchise and fan base built around it! Continue reading

Movie Mania: Kings of Summer

Hey Guys!
Time for another movie review! Kings of Summer was the summer movie of 2013. The indie coming of age drama had its premier at Sundance.


The Plot:
Three teenage boys decide to reached the highest stage of independence. They plan to build a house in the woods and live off the land… Continue reading

Movie Mania: Oz the Great and Powerful

Hello folks!

Today’s post has been waiting in my drafts folder for quite some time now. The movie I want to talk about is Sam Raimi’s star packed adventure Oz the Great and the Powerful.
Do you want to find out what was going on in Oz before Dorothy crash landed?


The Plot:
Oscar Diggs is the more or less famous magician who stars in a travelling circus. As he is quite a rascal, Oscar soon gets into trouble but he is lucky: he escapes in a hot air balloon. Well, that is until the balloon gets sucked into a tornado that drags him right to the land of Oz. That’s where problems really begin… Continue reading

Movie Mania: Stoker

Last week I finally got around to watching “Stoker”, a film I was excited about for quite some time. Starring Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode this the psycho thriller raised my expectations.


The Plot:
It’s India’s 18th birthday when her father dies in a car accident. The grieving mother and daughter are soon joined by the mysterious Charlie, brother of the deceased. However, strange coincidences start piling up…

Continue reading