Movie Mania Hitchcock Special: Strangers on a Train

Hello, my darling readers!
This post marks the end of my Alfred Hitchcock review series. The 21st and final film for me to write about is Strangers on a Train. Let’s take a closer look!

The Plot:

Guy Haines has a strange encounter on a train. The amateur tennis player thinks nothing of it, but for Bruno Antony, the man he talked to, things are set in motion. Bruno – unbeknownst to Guy – believes they came to an agreement. Bruno kills Haines’ wife in exchange for Haines killing Bruno’s father…

The Rating:

You might know about this film even if you hadn’t been aware of its existence. Strangers on a Train has been quoted many times throughout the years. Simpsons fans might recall a particular Treehouse of Horror episode…

So what makes this film so interesting that it keeps popping up again and again?
First of all, the plot. The story is spun intricately and new horrors unfold with every scene. You can’t possibly know the outcome with all the twist and turns you encounter along the way.
You’ll think twice the next time you make a joke about getting rid of somebody!

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