Movie Mania: The Last Witch Hunter

Hello folks!
Today is movie review time. This time I want to ramble a bit of the Vin Diesel flick The Last Witch Hunter. So let’s get started!


The Plot:
This dark fantasy action film chronicles the endeavors of an immortal with hunter, Kaulder, who has to stop a plague from wiping out New York City…


The Rating:
Oh boy, where do I begin. There are so many things wrong with this movie…
First of all, the cast choices. I don’t know who decided that Vin Diesel would be perfect for this role, but it was just about the worst decision ever. For this lead role you might want to choose somebody with a bit of charm and fun. Diesel’s somber look and complete lack of emotions certainly don’t improve this film. Continue reading


Game of Thrones: Season 7 – A Review

Hey Guys!
As all Game of Thrones fans out there know, we’ll have to wait another year before we finally get to see season 8. So in the meantime I decided to re-watch the other 7 seasons and do my long overdue review on the last one!


The Plot:
Winter is coming and it’s getting closer. Daenerys finally made it to Westeros, so we get to see who she teams up with. Meanwhile Cersei has taken control over Kingslanding and crowned herself Queen. In the North, John still knows nothing but has a hard time fending off the White Walkers and the Night King…


The Rating:
Well, well…
Ever since the show surpassed the books written by George R. R. Martin, I noticed a slight deterioration.
Those of you who read the novels know that many of the conversation were featured almost word by word in the show. Martin took (and still takes) a long time to come up with this intricate world and made sure everything is close to perfect. However, the show runners didn’t seem to tell the story as detailed and definitely weren’t taking as much time. Continue reading

Book Review: The Immortal Circus: Act One by A. R. Kahler (Cirque des Immortels #1)

Hey guys!
There’s an interesting trilogy I want you to check out. Today I want to talk about the first installment of A. R. Kahler’s Cirque des Immortels series. So let’s find out about The Immortal Circus: Act One.

Immortal Circus: Act One (Cover from Goodreads)

Immortal Circus: Act One (Cover from Goodreads)


The Plot:
You know the expression “to run off and join the circus”? Well, that’s exactly what Vivienne did. The weird bit: she barely remembers a thing about her past. When a troupe member is killed, she realizes that it isn’t an ordinary circus. It’s run by Mab, Queen of the Faeries, who’s at the brink of war with Oberon…


The Rating:
I’ll tell you upfront: this is not the most amazing book out there. You can tell that Kahler hadn’t been a seasoned writer yet and this was one of his first attempts at a novel.
Nevertheless, I think he did a decent job.
The story is interesting enough and surprising at times. It wasn’t quite what I had expected from the title, but hey – let’s just go with the flow. Some characters have more depth than others, meaning that many of the side characters will feel like a bit of blur as some of them are rather similar.  Continue reading

Book vs. Movie: Still Alice

Hey Guys!
It’s book vs. movie time. Today I want to write about the very moving novel (and the adaptation) Still Alice. Let’s see what I think about it!


The Plot:
Alice Howard is a smart and successful woman. She’s a university professor But when Alice approaches her 50th birthday, she starts to notice changes in her ability to remember. It turns out, she’s suffering from early onset familial Alzheimer’s disease…


The Rating:
I’ll begin with my thoughts on the book. Lisa Genova wrote a compelling novel that is absolutely haunting. I’ve read my share of horror literature but nothing has ever frightened me as much as this story.
Genova paints a picture of a bright woman who has to watch her mind change without really being able to do something. No matter how hard she tries, there’s no way of stopping the disease, all she can to is waiting and watching her abilities decline. The scariest part of it all is how relatable it is. It could happen to anyone. It doesn’t have to be Alzheimer’s, there are lots of diseases out there. Still Alice got under my skin, I swear even weeks after I finished the novel I would get the chills whenever I forgot something and started to wonder. Continue reading

Movie Mania: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

Hey guys!
I’ve been re-watching some Disney classics lately. This time it was the Hunchback of Notre Dame, one of the darker productions. Let’s see whether it’s still good after so many years!


The Plot:
You all know the story. Quasimodo, the titular hunchback lives at the cathedral. He is an orphan, his mother was killed by Judge Frollo, an evil man with a hatred for gypsies.
Quasimodo is a shy yet kind guy, who is usually forbidden from leaving the cathedral. But for the festival of fools he dares to venture outside – and promptly falls for Esmeralda, right before the townsfolk shun him for his deformity…


The Rating:
I honestly didn’t remember much about his particular Disney production. But when I re-watched the film recently I surprised how dark the tone is. The film basically starts with Frollo killing Quasimodo’s mother and then planning on drowning the baby. That’s not exactly family friendly, right?
However, Disney did an amazing job with Victor Hugo’s story that had been even darker. They managed to create a version that is palpable, colorful, sometimes even funny but never distasteful. It’s tricky to keep the balance when dealing with the topics featured and simplifying and smoothing things for children. This could have gone downhill easily. Continue reading

TV Show Spotlight: Good Girls Revolt

Hello guys!
Today I want to introduce one of my new favorite shows to you! Good Girls Revolt is one of Amazon’s very own production. Unfortunately they cancelled it after one season and I am so sad about it 😦
Anyway, let’s talk about the brilliant season we got!


The Plot:
A few weeks ago I wrote about Lynn Povich’s book The Good Girls Revolt. She essentially tells the tale of her coworkers and her suing their employer, Newsweek magazine, for unequal treatment.
This show picked up the story. In the first season we follow the build-up until the women actually file a complaint and go public in the very last episode.


Why should you check it out?
Good Girls Revolt is an amazing representation of the 60’s. I love the fashion, the hairdos and most of all the music. There’s a playlist based on the shows soundtrack and I’ve been listening to that non-stop.
The cast was mostly unknown to me, but I there was not a single person there who disappointed me. Among the few big faces, especially the actresses playing the “good girls” had a hard time but they all did extremely well. The show features some real life people so it was even more of a challenge to get those to look authentic.
In general they did a very good job getting the whole 60’s vibe across! Continue reading