Personal, Foto-Posts and Quotes

Pieces of Writing:

  1. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of
  2. Bite my Lip and close my Eyes, Take me away to Paradise
  3. Living on shattered Faith
  4. XoXo
  5. Christmas
  6. So called “friends”
  7. What stops you…
  8. These Boots are made for walking
  9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
  10. Social vs Social Network
  11. Reading Material
  12. Why do you blog? – a question asked by headinavice
  13. New City, New Life
  14. 2014
  15. 365 writing prompts: 17th January, crisis situations
  16. Better than diamonds or gold
  17. Totally of Topic: I fell in love with Yoga (and just finished the 30-day yoga challenge)
  18. Looking forward and Looking back – my last and next year at university
  19. Ever heard of Bloglovin?
  20. Today’s World and Criticism
  21. My Lack of New Year’s Resolutions
  22. Sweatshop – What it really means
  23. Liebster Award
  24. ‘Cause she was not just talking about my Pants, she was talking about my Life
  25. Me from A to Z (part 1)
  26. Me from A to Z (part 2)
  27. Me from A to Z (part 3)
  28. 5 Things That Make Me Happy
  29. Shallow World – What you wear determines who you are
  30. 11 Random Facts about me.
  31. 3 Tips for dealing with Stress
  32. University, Failure and Letting Go
  33. 2016 – Sunny Side Up
  34. A Brand new Blog!



  1. Beautiful day in Vienna: Schwarzenbergplatz and Belvederepark
  2. Things to do in Vienna: A Walk through the first District



  1. QOTD#1
  2. QOTD#2
  3. QOTD#3
  4. QOTD#4
  5. QOTD#5
  6. QOTD#6
  7. QOTD#7
  8. QOTD#8
  9. QOTD#9
  10. QOTD#10


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