Music Reviews and Playlists

Music in my Veins:

  1. Concert Review – Frank Turner, Ducking Punches, Andrew Jackson Jihad
  2. Groezrock 2014 – a festival recap
  3. And Out Come The Wolves by Rancid (All Time Favorite CDs #1)
  4. Put The Bottle Down Chinaski by Ducking Punches
  5. Favourite Songs: Obituaries by Double Standard (Menzingers Cover)
  6. Groezrock 2015 – a review of day one (1 May)
  7. Top 3 Biggest Concert Disappointments
  8. Album Review: Fizzy Brain by Ducking Punches
  9. Concert Review: James Choice & the Bad Decisioins, Mickey Dey and friends @ The Loft (Vienna)
  10. Music Memories Tag
  11. Grrrl Pwr: 4 Awesome Chicks in Music I currently dig


  1. Playlist#1
  2. Playlist #2: Songs for a Rainy Day
  3. Laied back Summer Sunshine Playlist (Playlist #3)
  4. Feyre Archeron in Songs (ACOTAR inspired Playlist)

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