Bucket List – 50 Things to do before you die

One of the challenges I stumbled upon contained writing a bucket list. As this was something I always wanted to do (but never did ’cause I am too lazy), it is my first choice out of the different challenges =)



1 .Experience London
2. Walk on the Pier in Brighton
3. Go to Disneyland
4. Go to New Zealand and see where they shot Lord of the Rings
5. See the Northern Lights
6. See the Pyramids
7. Walk through the streets of Venice
8. The a walk in the park surrounding Schönbrunn castle
9. Go to Lisbon and enjoy the view from Castelo de Sao Jorge
10. Check out the magical place Sintra
11. Leave my continent
12. Go to Rotterdam and eat something at the food market
13. See Barcelona and go to the top of one of the mountains
14. Experience Berlin
15. Go to Canada
16. Go to Thailand and see the temples



17. Visit the Harry Potter Museum
18. Visit the Third Man Museum
19. Visit the History of Arts Museum
20. Visit the Livraria Lello
21. Learn about Buddhism
22. See a fancy theatre play



23. Improve my drawing
24. Learn another language

25. Learn how to skate
26. Learn how to play pool
27. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
28. Learn how to surf
29. Start doing Yoga
30. Start Bouldering
31. Learn how to snowboard
32. Learn how to do splits
33. Learn how to sew
34. Improve my cooking skills
35. Improve my baking skills
36. Meditate


37. Have something published
38. Move away from home
39. Get my Bachelor’s degree
40. Get my Master’s degree
41. Go to a festival
42. Watch shooting stars
43. Go Camping
44. Climb a moutain that’s higher than 3.000 meters
45. Sleep on the mountain top
46. See the sunrise
47. Read at least 10 famous book serieses
48. Go to a concert all by my own
49. Make new friends
50.  Write a bucket list

2 thoughts on “Bucket List – 50 Things to do before you die

  1. Good mix of fun and serious things to do on your bucket list .I think we all want to improve our cooking skills! I’ve just been to London on holiday. Stupidly I forgot to go into Kings Cross Station. I walked right past, yet Platform 9 3/4 didn’t cross my mind that day. Oh well, maybe next time. Apparently there’s a Harry Potter Shop there.

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