Blog Challenges and Writing Prompts

When looking through my reader here on wordpress I saw a fellow writer doing this blog challenge.

It is really interesting so I decided to also give it a try.
A few days later I stumbled upon this challenge on tumblr.

As I couldn’t decide which one to go for, I did a bit of both:

  1. How Have You Changed Within The Last Two Years?
  2. What You Hope Your Future Will Be Like
  3. A Quote You Try To Live By
  4. Somewhere You’d Like To Move Or Visit
  5. Write A Short Scenario In A Fast Food Restaurant
  6. Something you are proud of
  7. Plans and Goals for the next 30 Days
  8. 365 writing prompts: 17th January, crisis situations
  9. Me from A to Z (Part 1)
  10. Me from A to Z (Part 2)
  11. Me from A to Z (Part 3)
  12. Reading Material
  13. These Boots were made for walking
  14. Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall – Your Blog as a Mirror

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