Movie Mania: Barbarella

Hello my wonderful readers!
I finally managed to cross one of the most iconic movies of the 60’s off my to-watch-list: Barbarella. Let’s see how good Jane Fonda’s cult performance is!


The Plot:
Barbarella is a space adventurer living at some point in an undefined future. The president of the Earth assigns her a rather difficult task: she is to retrieve Dr. Durand Durand from the Tau Ceti planetary system. He invented a super weapon which mustn’t fall into the wrong hands…


The Rating:
Well, what can I say about this movie. First of all, it’s kind of weird. The film basically kicks off with an extended scene of Jane Fonda aka Barbarella undressing in some agravic space. I was a bit irritated but it actually is the perfect representation for the rest of the “story”.
I’ll start with the good things. The special effects and the whole scenery are pretty epic for the time. You can tell that quite a lot of effort went into the visualization and cinematography which is most likely the reason for the movie reaching cult status. Furthermore, the soundtrack is very well made and fits perfectly with the atmosphere of the film.
Unfortunately that’s pretty much all the positive stuff I have to say. Continue reading


Old vs. New: Beauty and the Beast

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Maybe you saw my recent post on Disney’s remake of the Beauty and the Beast. While watching the new movie, you can’t help but compare it to the original animated film, so I decided to share my thoughts on that matter. πŸ™‚


The Plot:
You all probably know the fairy-tale: a cold-hearted prince is turned into a beast for his cruel actions, only to be saved by finding someone who truly loves him. Well, a few years later he imprisons Maurice, who got lost in the woods and stumbled into he castle. Turns out, Maurice has a daughter who comes along to save him. Is this the beast’s chance for love?


Old vs. New:

Let me begin with the 1991 animated film. The first time I saw this movie was when probably around kindergarden-age. It immediately became one of my most beloved Disney films (and believe me, I had and still have a vast collection). The heroine is not a princess but just an ordinary girl who doesn’t fit in. Over the years the film grew even dearer to me, as I could relate to that feeling very well.
Belle has always been one of my favorites because she’s so active. She’s not waiting for some Prince to rescue her, instead she sets out to rescue her father (and then later the beast). I love how she doesn’t swoon over Gaston like all the other girls. She talks back and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. In the 90s Belle was a different kind of Disney princess!
The movie was wonderfully made with tons of love for details. Not only is there a lot of magic going on, Beauty and the Beast also has some of the best side-kicks ever!
Last but not least: the music. I’ve seen lots of Disney films, but this one really has some of the best songs. Even after all these years I can still song along to almost every track featured!

Let’s move on…
I was quite surprised to find out that the 2017 version of the story is basically a scene by scene recreation of the 1991 movie. They threw in two or three additional scenes but in general there’s not much difference. So you will get to hear your favorite songs and even your favorite bits of conversation!
When I went to the cinema, I had actually hoped for something a new, a fresh take and not the same thing in green. However, if you ignore that, the 2017 remake is a really nice film. The casting is absolutely divine and simply every actor and actress is so on spot, it’s unbelievable. Another point the remake can score with are the special effects. It all comes to life and gets so very real. You can tell that a lot of effort and money went into that part and it paid off.
So, the 2017 Beauty and the Beast is a very well made movie, that will both give you that fuzzy warm nostalgia feeling and reach a new generation unfamiliar with the old film. However, the thing that bothers me is that throughout the entire film I had the distinct impression that the only reason it was so close to the original, is to make tons of money with minimal effort. That most certainly worked out for Disney!


Did you see one of the films? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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Movie Mania: Voldemort – Origins of the Heir

Hey guys!
Todays review will be very interesting for the Harry Potter fans among you: the long-awaited fan-made movie Voldemort – Origins of the Heir was finally released!



The Plot:
This 52 minute long film depicts the teenage years of Tom Riddle and his first steps on the road to be become Lord Voldemort, the darkest of all Wizards.


The Rating:
I have to confess, I was so excited about this whole project. When I had first heard about the idea for this film, I was already jumping up and down. However, this project wasn’t made without controversies. Following the Kickstarter campaign to finance this, movie Warner Bros. filed a law suit for copyright violations. Well, it was agreed that they are not allowed to generate any profit with the movie, so the production could continue and on 13th January, it was made available on Youtube.Β  Continue reading

Movie Mania: Beauty and the Beast (2017)

Hello folks!
Today I choice one of 2017 highest grossing films for my review. Disney did a life action remake of the famous 1991 animation movie The Beauty and the Beast. I adored that movie when I was little, so naturally I had to check out the remake!


The Plot:
You all probably know the fairy-tale: a cold-hearted prince is turned into a beast for his cruel actions, only to be saved by finding someone who truely loves him. Well, a few years later he imprisions Maurice, who got lost in the woods and stumbled intot he castle. Turns out, Maurice has a daugther who comes along to save him. Is this the beast’s chance for love?


The Rating:
Let me explain something straight away: I was aware that this is a remake of the 1991 movie, but I really hadn’t expected this. Basically what we get is a scene by scene recreation. Except for maybe two or three additional scenes it is exactly the same film just with real actors. It’s the same songs, the same characters even the same sentences everybody gets to utter.
On the positive side we have an amazing cast that was perfectly chosen to resemble the animated characters. I was honestly amazed that they really found actors and actresses who resemble to original ideas so much.
Furthermore, the special effects are top-rate. So we get a fairy-tale that truly is magical. Continue reading

Movie Mania: A. I. Artificial Intelligence

Hey guys!
Today I have another Steven Spielberg movie for. Originally Stanley Kubrick was to be the director of this sci-fi drama. However, he handed A. I. – Artificial Intelligence over to Spielberg just a few years before his death.



The Plot:
It’s the end of the 22nd century. A company has produced the new and ultimate robot: it resembles a human child and is able to love. The Swintons adopt one of these new inventions but once their real son wakes from a coma, things go down-hill.
You can’t just throw a robot with feelings out in the thrash, can you? Continue reading

Top 5 Reese Witherspoon Movies

Hey Guys!
I haven’t done a post like this in a while but today I want to share my favorite Reese Witherspoon Movies with you. She’s a very talented actress who played in many amazing films, so she clearly deserves her own post πŸ˜‰


#5 – Legally Blonde:
The only way to describe Reese Witherspoon in this role is as divine. Her character, Elle Woods, is cute, funny and smart. She proves everybody wrong, stands up for what she believes and makes her dreams come true. A lovely comedy, I never get tired watching!


#4 – Election:
Election is the perfect dark comedy. Reese Witherspoon plays Tracy Flick a stone cold girl who stops at nothing to become class president. Brilliant is the only word to describe what Witherspoon does in this film. I’ve seen many of her films but this one is among my favourites. I always love a bit of dark humor and in this flick it all comes together perfectly!

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