Blog Challenge: Plans and Goals for the next 30 Days

Hello folks!

Today’s post will be a bit unusual. I started out with a blog challenge some time ago but then lost interest. There hasn’t been a proper Blog Challenge post in almost two years now (shame on me!) so I figured it’s time to get back to it!
The topic I chose for today are my Goals for the next 30 Days!

(If you want to know more about this whole Blog Challenge thing, click here)


So, I’ll kick off my list of goals with the stuff I need to do for university:

  • For my Human and Computer Interaction class:
    • I need to program an App on my own
    • We also need to do a group project (also an App but much more refined) and need to do the next Milestone
  • For my two Philosophy classes:
    • I actually have a ton of reading to do. There’s the original Literature I have to go through
    • and the book accompanying one of the lectures
  • For my Historical Media and Communication Research class:
    • Finding two topics for the thesis we need to write until the end of the semester (thankfully a group project)
    • Checking out what material we have for the topics
    • Presenting the whole stuff
  • For my Public Relations class:
    • Write a press release
    • finish the class as there is only one date left (which is Saturday, 8 hours)

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Me from A to Z (part 3)

This is the final post of my “Me from A to Z” series! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe some of my fellow bloggers pick up the idea, I’d love to read your posts! =)

As I posted this back in 2015, I updated a few things in this posts – so you’re getting the 2019 status right now!

R – Research: I never really had an idea where live would take me. So, when I started University I didn’t have a certain job in mind I wanted to end up doing. Well, I did a Bachelor’s degree and liked it, so I continued onto the Master’s. I realized I really really enjoy this whole research thing so I am now doing my PhD and I hope to get a job at University at some point so I can keep going!

S – Sewing Machine: As I’m currently on a little DIY-trip I had a dream fulfilled. It was more than ten years ago when I asked for a sewing machine the first time. But good things come to those who wait 😉
I can’t even tell you how happy I was when I unpacked the machine. My first project is a Louise Belcher hat with bunny ears. It turned out rather successful! I can’t wait to do more stuff.
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Me from A to Z (part 1)

I saw a really cool idea for a post somewhere online and decided to jump on that train!
It’s about taking each letter of the alphabet and connecting it something related to me. However, I decided to split the post up, the next letters are coming up in a few days =)

As I posted this back in 2015, I updated a few things in this posts – so you’re getting the 2019 status right now!

A – Audrey Hepburn: She has always been one of my favourite actresses ever since I was little. To me she embodies everything – style, class, elegance, intelligence. I will always adore her – and most of all her movies.

B – Books: As you can probably tell from my blog, I really enjoy books. Although I have to read a lot of stuff for university I always find the time to sit down with a good book. I even feel a bit naked when I don’t carry a book around with me.

C – Communication: This is what I study at university. As of this semester I am officially a PhD student! So far I really flowers and skullenjoy it and never regretted the choice I made.

D – Drawing: I looooved to draw when I was younger but somehow along the way I completely forgot about it. However, I decided to start anew and get back into drawing. I even decided to broaden my artistic horizon and gave watercolors, pastel and acrylics a shot. Continue reading

365 writing prompts: 17th January, crisis situations

writingI recently came across an awesome collection of writing prompts put together by the WordPress team of The Daily Post. It contains exactly 365 ideas to provide you with writing material for one year.

The prompt for today’s date, 17th January, is called “in a crisis”. The challenge is to honestly evaluate the way you respond to crisis situations. Are you happy with the way you react?

So far I actually never really thought about my abilities for crisis management. But on closer examination I think I’m doing a pretty good job on this field. I never get stressed and there’s basically nothing that can shake me to the core. If a difficult situation comes up I stay cool.When I started gathering ideas for this post one certain incident came to my mind. Last year when the exams for the school-leaving certificate (in Austria: Matura) came I was in a pretty bad state. I fell really ill shortly before and was in hospital at the very time we were supposed to take the exams. Therefore I was hardly prepared for any of the subjects and to take the tests I left the hospital in the morning just to return right after I was done. I guess this is what you could call a tough situation that’s not easy to handle. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Reading Material

Today’s Daily Prompt is about how you choose the blogs and books you read.

For me there are different reasons that get me to read a certain book or blog. Sometimes it’s enough that the piece of writing deals with a certain subject (like a blog post that is about movies). However, what gets me to some books I boughtread a book often is tumblr. There I see a lot of quotes and when a saying I really like comes along I always check out the book it is from. Of course I first go and see what it is about and then I usually search wordpress for reviews. If it meets my expectations I’ll add it to my reading list.
There are also writers I like and simply the fact that they have a new book/blog post will get me interested. However, when it comes to books I also try to cover the classics. I try to alternate between the great works in literature and “normal” books. Continue reading

Daily Prompt: These Boots Were Made for Walking

Today’s Daily Prompt deals with your favourite pair of shoes and where they’ve already taken you.

I guess my favourite shoes are some old Converse chucks in grey. I’ve owned them for more than five years and my beloved chucksby now they are almost falling apart. Nevertheless I love wearing (as long as I don’t get wet feet due to the sole that’s coming off). I bought them when I was on holiday and since then they have accompanied me every I went. I wore them throughout my entire holiday in Morocco where I got them, they’ve seen Berlin, walked the streets of London, went to Vienna and visited Venice. But not only where they with me when I travelled the world, I also wear them in my everyday life. As long as it’s not winter (including lots of snow and icy temperatures) I wear them throughout the entire year – no wonder they’re falling apart. Despite the fact that they’re completely worn out I could never throw them away, these shoes are simply my all-time favourites. Continue reading