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Hello there!

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So glad you came to my blog!
My name is Becks, I’m a 26-year-old Ph.D. student from Austria.
I have far too many hobbies than is good for me, but some of my greatest passions have always been books, movies, and TV shows. Along with my need for a creative outlet, this blog was born a few years ago.
Lots of things in my life have changed since then, but ThePunkTheory is still here and going strong. 😉

ThePunkTheory is the place for me to discuss my thoughts on my current binging-adventures (on-screen or literary). If you want to find out more about me or my blog, head over to Behind the Blog!
I’d love to read your opinions, so be sure to leave a comment!

You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bloglovin and Goodreads or Letterboxd. I’d love to follow you back!
Alternatively, you can drop me an email via thepunktheory@gmx.at!

Until then, have a great day

21 thoughts on “About Moi

  1. Hi TPT. Thanks to the flags in my stats, or I wouldn’t have realized that you’re in Austia. Having seen only about a dozen, I don’t know much about Austrian movies. Yet here are the ones I particularly like:

    The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema (Sophie Fiennes, 2006) – (**)
    Caché (Michael Haneke, 2005) – (*)
    Jesus, Du Weisst (Ulrich Seidl, 2003) – (*)
    Requiem from Java (Garin Nugroho, 2006) – (**)
    Revanche (Götz Spielmann, 2008) – (***)

    (*) – sufficient[ly good]
    (**) – intriguing[ly good]
    (***) – good
    (****) – very good

    Maybe you’ve seen them all already. But just in case you haven’t, a little warning: ‘Requiem from Java’ is quite an art-house one (not necessarily surreal, though).

    PS: Thanks to Austria for supporting the production of that one by Garin. 🍸 🙂

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  2. Hi! I noticed you’re from Austria. That’s so cool! I’m running a blog collaboration series where I interview people from around the world to break stereotypes, promote international diversity, and make a crash course for writers. I’d love to interview you for the project. I’ve interviewed people from over 30 countries so far! Would you be interested in that?

    You can check out the last post here to get an idea of what yours would look like: http://storitorigrace.blogspot.com/2017/02/so-your-character-is-from-finland.html

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    • It doesn’t really mean anything. Back in the day I followed somebody on Twitter with the name TheBlondeTheory and I quite liked that. As TheBrunetteTheory sounds kind of crappy, I went with ThePunkTheory. It felt like a cool fit for me and I knew nobody else would use a name like this.

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