Ranking all the movies I watched in 2022 (Part 1)

Hey, guys!

I was browsing through my lists on Letterboxd the other day and ended up looking through all the movies I watched in 2022. As it turns out I watched about 70 pictures! So, over the course of the next couple of weeks, I’ll be ranking all those films. We’re kicking things off today with places 70 to 61!

#70 Home Alone 4

For December, I always look for a bunch of Christmas movies I haven’t seen yet. Well, last year I was continuing my exploration of the Home Alone franchise. As it turns out, Home Alone 4 is quite possible one of the wort films I have seen in my entire life.

#69 The Bye Bye Man

Speaking of utterly terrible movies…
Around Halloween I was looking for some horror flicks to watch and Netflix ever so helpfully suggested The Bye Bye Man. I still wonder what possessed Carrie Ann Moss to star in this. Somebody must have had dirt on her or something.

#68 Earwig and the Witch

A while ago I did a review series of all Studio Ghibli movies. I ended up loving most of them, so obviously I was excited when I learned about their latest release, Earwig and the Witch. I’m very sad to say that this is by far the worst movie they’ve ever made. The only redeeming feature is a song that is pretty darn good.

#67 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Let’s just say that this one wasn’t it. Definitely among the bottom entries for the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

#66 Bewitched

Sometimes my brain goes “hey, you haven’t seen movie xyz in years! maybe we should rewatch that!” Which is how I came to sit down for Bewitched. Well, now I remember why I hadn’t rewatched this in a very long time. It’s simply not particularly good in any regard.

#65 The Omen (2006)

For Halloween 2022 I decided to binge my way through the Omen franchise. (That means we’ll get more of those films at some point in this ranking!) I think my least favorite of the movies is the 2006 remake. It’s very underwhelming. Just watch the original film instead!

#64 Damien – The Omen II

That being said, the first sequel to the original film also wasn’t too impressive. A very predictable movie that simply could have been better.

#63 The Crimes of Grindelwald

One movie that was to hit cinemas last year was the latest Fantastic Beasts flick. Since I hadn’t watched the first two films in years, I decided to give them a rewatch, just to refresh my memory of the plot. I did recall that the second installment in the series, The Crimes of Grindelwald, had not been good but I still was a bit disappointed.

#62 Dune (1984)

Early in 2022, I dedicated an entire month to watching and reviewing all of David Lynch’s movies. Among those is obviously his take on Dune. Well, this ain’t it. I actually spent a great amount of time laughing because this film is almost comically bad.

#61 A Cure for Wellness

This is a film I had seen at the cinema back in the day and I did recall that it wasn’t super good. But when I sat down to rewatch it, I was going for a specific vibe that I had been in the mood for. (We’ll get to the second movie I watched that day later!) The idea behind this story is cool and with some tweaks, this could have been a great film. It’s not the worst thing out there but a lot more mediocre than it could have been. Loads of squandered potential.

What’s your favorite movie you watched in 2022? Let me know in the comments!

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