Riverdale: Season 6.2 – A Review

Hey guys!
Well, it is time to talk about the second half of Riverdale’s sixth season. I finished watching the first half with a sour taste in my mouth, so let’s see if things could be salvaged in the second half!

The Plot:

How on earth do I describe this? Blatant MCU rip-off superhero multiverse stuff?

The Rating:

Whenever I watch a show or movie, I usually jot down some bullet points of my thoughts, so that when I sit down to write my review (most of the time a lot later than I intended to) I can actually remember stuff. My first not for this season of Riverdale is “The bad writing makes me wanna cry.” I think this should give you a good idea of how I feel about season 6 part 2.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it another ten thousand times. This show has so much potential, but the writing is abysmally bad. And I don’t mean the fact that this season we are dealing with supernatural stuff and a parallel universe. While this sound a bit crazy, I am convinced that this could have worked out tremendously well, simply if it had been written better.

The second half of this season was not just badly written, it also felt extremely lazy on top of that. I’m going to give some examples so, the following paragraphs will contain spoilers!

When I talk about bad writing what I’m thinking of is for example the serial killer convention. Sounds like a bad idea off the bat but I feel like if this idea had been articulated better and carried out differently it could have worked. But the way we have it in the show it is just weird and extremely cringy.

When I talk about lazy writing, what I mean is they just copy-pasted the Scarlet Witch from the MCU. This is some next-level copy-cat game, seriously Wanda Maximoff is calling, she wants her storyline and her outfit back. First of all, we have the multiverse stuff, granted it is a little more Doctor Strange but Wanda is in that movie and also WandaVision feels a little like that. Next up with have Cheryl in Riverdale who essentially becomes Wanda. There are obvious visual similarities with the red hair but they took it up another notch when in the final episodes they gave her an outfit that could have been straight from the MCU costume department and when she fires off her powers it looks *exactly* like what Wanda does, including levitating in the air and how she holds he legs while doing that.

Furthermore, I almost lost it at the line about queerbating. There is a scene where Veronica has to kiss Cheryl to transfer all the powers and Cheryl literally says that this is queerbating. Well, Veronica says that nope, it’s fine, we’re just saving the world here. Seriously, I don’t even know what to say. However, it sounds when I write it here, I can guarantee it was approximately 150% cringier on screen.

It just makes me so sad that we get another season that pans out like this. If anything, it feels like the show just keeps getting worse. All the cast members are so talented, there really is no reason this show shouldn’t be amazing. I don’t get why bad writing like this still flies. Even with the signature musical episodes it just feels like lip service now. Before those seemed reasonably well integrated into the show but as the season progressed, I get the impression that we have musical episodes just for the sake of it, whether it makes any sense or not.

The only saving grace at the moment is the twist at the end that set things up for the next season. Once more, this looks very promising. I just really hope they don’t fuck it up again.

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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