American Horror Story: Double Feature (Part 2 Death Valley)

Hello, my lovely readers!
I talked about the first half of American Horror Story’s Double Feature season recently. It was surprisingly cool, so I was excited to check out the send half. Does it hold up?

The Plot:

I don’t even know how to describe the plot of the second part of this season. Let’s just say: ALIENS and leave it at that. 😅

The Rating:

Oh man, I was quite happy about the first half of this season, so I upped my hopes for the second part. I really shouldn’t have.

We started out interesting enough. The whole black and white stick with Eisenhower and the aliens, that was intriguing. Had all of the season been like that, I would have been on board. Where they lost was when the switch to the present day occurred. The writing for that part of the story was so freaking shitty, it was almost painful. And not just that, the acting performances were lacking as well. I’ve mentioned this when I talked about American Horror Stories, but especially Kaia Gerber (who I’m sure is great at whatever it is she normally does) could not act if her life depended on it. I’m sorry but all the scenes she was in were so cringy.

To be fair, they had the A-list part of the cast in the 50s/60s half of the story (except for Leslie Grossman), so it was a challenge for the younger cast members to compete with that. Hands down, it was a fight that they clearly lost. I didn’t like everything about that half of the story either. Some cast choices (or rather the choice of how to act for a certain character) were dubious. That part contained many real people: Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy. Those are people you have seen and heard before, so the actors have to find the balance between going for a carbon copy of the original person and doing their own thing. Some were more successful than others. For example, I literally only identified Kennedy because somebody addressed him by name when he should be one of the easiest to recognize.

While the throwback part of this season was pretty strong, the last episode was really weird and just fucked up the good things they had going there. I’m so disappointed, it started off so strong. But now I just want to put it all in the trash. They somehow took every single conspiracy theory about aliens under the sun and put it into this season. Even moon landing stuff. At that point it became even more cringy than I thought possible and it ended up unbearable. I finished the season because we were almost done anyway, but boy that is time of my life I will never get back.

Oh my, this was bad. They started off so well but somehow managed to crash this into the wall so freaking hard. The thing that pisses me off is that it could have been great. There are parts of the season that were so promising. But the final product just needs to be yeeted into the sun.

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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