Top 5 Tuesday: reading accessories

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for a bookish favorites post. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan over on Meeghan Reads and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
For this week’s T5T post I’ll be talking about all my favorite reading accessories.

#1 e-reader!

I’m not sure if this actually counts as an accessory but getting an e-reader was a real game-changer for me. There isn’t much room in my apartment and although I adore actually books, they are a pain in the ass when moving. Also, I read a lot when I’m traveling and in that case, an e-reader sure is more convenient than having half of your suitcase filled with books.

#2 pillow

I have this small comfy pillow that I use whenever I’m reading in bed. I put it on my chest and prop the book/e-reader up on it so that it’s a) closer to eye level without having to hold it up and b) not digging into my chest if it’s a particularly heavy book (looking at you ASoIaF).

#3 playlist

This is probably also a little cheat, since I’m not sure a playlist can be considered an accessory. But I have a few playlists saved on Spotify that I default to when reading. It’s all acoustic stuff or classic music. When I read I can have the TV on in the background or any songs with lyrics, because I will just get distracted and start singing along. So, some lovely atmospheric acoustic tunes it is for me.

#4 bookmark

I have this pretty little bookmark that I adore. Why, you ask? Well, it has a rubber band attached to one side. That means I insert it into the book I’m reading and the elastic goes around the book. The bookmark stays where it’s supposed to, no more sliding out when the book is in my bag and then me scrambling to find where I had left off!

#5 small light

A million years ago I got this small reading light in a book box and it’s so useful! It has a small clip thingy so you just attach it to the back of whatever you are reading and it perfectly illuminates the pages for you. Since the light from the ceiling usually gets blocked a fair bit by the book I’m reading – due to where it is positioned – this was a game-changer for me!

What’s your favorite reading accessory? Let me know in the comments!

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