Death Parade

Hey guys!
Today I have some more anime for you. This show completely surprised me and really knocked it out of the park.
So, let’s have a little chat about Death Parade!

The Plot (according to IMDb):

After death, humans go to either heaven or hell. But for some, at the instant of their death, they arrive at the Quindecim, a bar attended by the mysterious white-haired Decim.

The Rating:

This show had no right. NO RIGHT. It made me feel all the feels and I definitely was not prepared for that. It’s insane how anime shows always come up with a concept that should not work but somehow it does. And not only does it work, it gets to you.

You die and then you get judged. So far, you’re still with me, right? You find yourself in a bar and you have to play some games. BUT the game is just a façade, it’s not about who wins but how you act in the face of victory or defeat. I mean, excuse me, this is brilliant but also weird. And when I say weird, I mean you have to play twisted to save your soul, essentially.

Despite all the stuff that might throw off any other production, the show gets super deep. We explore the human psyche, and I can guarantee you, you will cry. I did not expect that when I first started watching, but damn it, they got me.

There are also countless moments that made me laugh yet somehow it all ties in together and the outcome is this show that is unlike anything I’ve seen before. I was impressed, I was heartbroken, I was amused. I’m not sure all of those things are allowed to go this well together. Apart from that, all I can say is the artwork is beautiful and mesmerizing. Plus the theme song is a real banger. They certainly did not need to go that hard, but hell they sure did.

WHY WAS THIS SO GOOD? Even a while after watching Death Parade I’m still amazed. This show surprised me on every level. The concept, the deaths, the backstories, the EVERYTHING.

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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