Percepliquis by Michael J. Sullivan (The Riyria Revelations #6)

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The Plot (as found on Goodreads):


“I saw a great journey. Ten upon the road, she who wears the light will lead the way. The road goes deep into the earth, and into despair. The voices of the dead guide your steps. You walk back in time. The three-thousand-year battle begins again. Cold grips the world, death comes to all, and a choice is before you.” — Fan Irlanu, Tenkin Seerer of Oudorro Village

Percepliquis is the final installment of the epic fantasy, The Riyria Revelations. In this saga that began with The Crown Conspiracy, two thieves caught in the wrong place at the right time were launched on a series of ever escalating adventures that have all lead to this moment. Three thousand years have passed and the time for Novron’s heir to act has arrived.

The Rating:

Okay, it is really hard to write this review without spoilers, but I’m gonna try!
In the final book in the Riyria Revelations series our heroes go on an adventure. The ancient lost city is to be discovered. Since this is the last novel, naturally there is a good amount of surprises and we learn the answers to all the questions I’d been asking for the past instalments.

There are a lot of things I had suspected and I had nailed it with all those suspicions. However, there were also plenty of things coming out of left field! I had put a lot of thought into how this would end and what revelations we’d get but Sullivan still managed to catch me unawares on some fronts.

I love that we got to spend more time with almost all the characters I’ve grown to appreciate over the last books. Just look how far they’ve all come, I’m so proud of them! Sullivan did great in the character development department. This is honestly one of my favorite series I ever read in this regard.

The story is also extremely well-written and Sullivan keeps you on your toes throughout all the books. The world-building is impeccable and with the final book he reveals a lot more about the world he created. I’m usually the first to complain when there is a hole in a author’s logic, but he also did great in that department. Whenever there is a slower moment in the book, you can tell it is because he’s setting up for something bigger. So even slow moments just make you want to read more asap!

Moreover, he managed to conclude everything satisfyingly. Sure, there were things along the story that broke my heart but ultimately everthing that happened had to happen. I just enjoyed everything about these books. But my favorite thing was probably the bromance between Hadrian and Royce. You have no idea how excited I am about the prequel series! All those interesting heists that were mentioned throughout the series? Well, we finally get to read about them!

Percepliquis is a worthy end to an amazing book series. I loved every single novel and this one surprised me so much! A thrilling read from first to last page that has be beyond excited to read the prequels!

Did you read this book? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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