Top 5 Tuesday: books of 2021

Hey, guys!
It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for a bookish favorites post. Top 5 Tuesday is hosted by Meeghan over on Meeghan Reads and is quite simple: check out the topic and write a post with your picks.
For this year’s final T5T post, we’re talking about some books I really enjoyed in 2021. I tried my best to not be repetitive, so some of the books I liked best this year are not on this list, because I already talked about them on last week’s list of authors I discovered in 2021!

#1 Sanctuary

This one came out of nowhere, I knew nothing about this book and I was *so* surprised. The worldbuilding fascinated me, the story was gripping. I can wholeheartedly recommend this novel!

#2 The Dying of the Light

This year I finished reading the first run of Skulduggery Pleasant novels. The entire series was really good with The Dying of the Light concluding the story. Since I tremendously enjoyed the journey, we need to include it here!

#3 Pride and Prejudice

After seeing memes about it on tumblr for nigh on 10 years, I finally caved in and read Pride and Prejudice. It was the first Jane Austen novel I ever picked up and it was so much better than I had expected. Seriously, I didn’t think it would be so funny or relatable!

#4 Rule of Wolves

Any Leigh Bardugo book is a good book, I think we all can agree on that. I was really excited for Rule of Wolves to come out, and then it took me forever to actually pick it up. While it is not my all-time favorite Bardugo novel, it was a great time nevertheless!

#5 Rebecca

Another book I meant to read for years. 2021 was the year to check it out and I was extremely surprised how well the story holds up, how relevant it still is and how forward some of the topics were.

What’s your favorite book you read this year? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday: books of 2021

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  2. I had Rule of Wolves in my honorary mentions for this year — Bardugo’s Grishaverse is amazing, and I love it. I’m also so glad you loved Pride and Prejudice!! I hope you read more of her books, they’re all amazing. Great list and thanks for joining us this year!! ❤️

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