Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 7 – A Review

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This is it. We reached the 7th and final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Watching this show has been hell of a ride, so let’s see whether it got an ending worthy of the amazing lead!

The Plot:

This is it. Buffy and the gang have to make their final stand. It’s not just some vampire or a demon they have to face. This time its is the first, the original evil they have to go up against. It’s the entire world that is at stake!

The Rating:

Oh so many feels! Before I say anything else, I’m just going to warn you of the spoilers after the *read more* tag. We reached season seven, so it’s pretty much impossible to talk about it without giving away stuff concerning the previous seasons, and I have some details of this season we need to get into…

What I can say without spoiling anything is that the acting performances were outstanding. The cast we came to love over the past season was amazing as usual, as were some of the new additions we got. The set-design was great, even though some of the CGI effects were so obviously fake, it was a little cringy. I guess it’s partially due to the show simply being a couple of years old but you also have to bear in mind that it was a TV production and not a blockbuster movie. So, I would assume that means you have a lot less budget to work with.

I think I’m gonna review this season by characters, so let’s talk about Buffy first. She went through so much in the past and this season is her last stand. The evil she has to face is so much bigger, the odds are so much higher. You can tell that she is carrying the weight of the entire world upon her shoulders. That’s not just due to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s acting, but also to how the script was writing. Buffy gets many scenes that show how vulnerable she is, how desperately she’s trying to keep everything together, how difficult it all is.

Speaking of Buffy’s vulnerability, this leads me directly to Spike. I’ve mentioned in the past that he was growing on me and I think he’s come such a long way since we first met him. That is some serious character development. I appreciate that the show doesn’t just paint him as perfectly good now. He has done horrible things in the past and he’s owning up to that. We constantly face his past digressions, but we get to see how hard he is trying to be better, to be a new person. (We also get a glimpse into his past that was just heartbreaking!)

Willow is another character who’s dealing with past mistakes. She’s been through a lot and even though she’s on the road to recovery she is so very afraid of falling back into old patterns. I appreciate that the show depicts how difficult recovery can be. It’s not just a switch you flick and you’ll be good forevermore. Another thing that I like is how the show keeps referencing back to things that happened in past seasons. I hate it when shows have something major happen or introduce a pivotal character just for one episode and then none of it is ever mentioned again. That’s not the case here. Willow is still reeling from losing Tara, it’s brought up several times. And that is perfectly human, it’s not something you can easily get over, so kudos to the show on that front.

In a similar vein Xandra and Anya are also still dealing with their feelings for each other and where they can go from a called off wedding. The scenes between them were so well-written! Xander seems a lot more grown up in this season (it was about time) and I’ve come to appreciate him a lot more. He also got this super intense seen where he lost an eye and damn I hadn’t seen that coming. Emma Caulfield, who plays Anya, deserves so much more recognition she was just brilliant this season! Her death hit me pretty hard, but we’ll talk about that in a moment.

Giles was back this season and while initially I was excited that soon changed. Somehow this character seemed very different and how he acts and in the things he says. That really irritated me and it just didn’t fit. Who definitely stood out was, however, Nathan Fillion. I had no idea that he starred in Buffy but damn he blew me away. That man gave me the chills! We get lots of familiar faces, actually. If you look at the potential Slayers that join Buffy and the gang, you’ll recognize a lot of people.

This season had so many great episodes (the one where we learn about Anya’s past, the one with the girl who has vision of her own death, etc.). While the final episdoe was good, it did feel a bit rushed. I remember reading that it was intended to be a two part episode but in the end it was only one. Maybe that’s why everything felt extremely condensed. I’m not sure if another entire episode was needed but maybe 20 minutes would have been enough. Especially the deaths in the final battle never really got acknowledged and that seemed weird to me. Anya died such a pointless death but it’s never really discussed. Nobody gets mourned. There’s pretty much only so few minutes after the battle is over, there simply was no time left for that.

While the final season wasn’t perfect, it gave all important characters enough room to show their growth. As per usual, the big evil we’re facing wasn’t the main thing that interested me, however. Instead we get episodes that are so intense, heartbreaking and simply amazing that they almost outshine the big picture. Buffy went out not with a fizzle but with a bang. They did great!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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