Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 6 – A Review

Hello folks! Another day, another Buffy review! We officially made it to the penultimate season. Let’s get right down to it and find out what season six has in store for us!

The Plot:

Buffy is dead. Where do we go from here? Who is going to save the world? Who is going to take care of Dawn? What will happen to the Scoobie gang? So many questions, let’s find some answers!

The Rating:

So much to talk about with season 6! There are many things I want to address, as usual spoilers will be below *read more*.

For now, let me just saw I was very impressed with the acting performances in this season. Sarah Michelle Gellar had been nothing short of badass before but this time it was not only her who delivered some stand-out scenes. Alyson Hannigan aka Willow really had some intense moments this season. Honestly, she would have deserved all the awards out there for what she did. And let’s not forget about Emma Caulfield aka Anya who is a crimially underrated actress! But let’s finally get to the nitty-gritty, shall we?

First, I want to talk about Spike for a bit. Over the course of this season he really grew on me. Don’t get me wrong, just about everything about his relationship with Buffy is absolutely dysfunctional, but it intrigued me. I was quite pissed off with Xander behavior towards Spike, considering how often he had helped them in the past and took care of Dawn. He was always very dismissive in that regard but I was especially mad after the Anya incident. We’ll talk about Anya and Xander in a moment but his reaction towards discovering Buffy had had sex with Spike was unwarranted and he was extremely out of his place. I mean, we all know Spike is no angel, and when he tried to rape Buffy I was so angry, but still. I think we saw a lot of character development in this season and I’m glad about it.

Next on my list, we have Buffy. This season was (again) rather rough for her. She was dead (again) but Willow brought her back. She had to claw her way out of her own grave after being yanked back to life from being in heaven. Buffy finds herself facing depression, a story arc I found very well written. There is an episode where the season’s main antagonists (we’ll get to them im a bit) fuck with Buffy brains. She starts to believe that her life is fake and she’s actually been in a mental institution all along. For a bit she actually wants to stay in that world which just showed how much trouble she had dealing with what had happened. I want to salute the writers for starting this season with Buffy clawing her way out of a grave after involuntarily being brought back and ending it with her deliberatly and happily crawling out of a hole in the earth, ready to start anew. She came full circle in season 6!

Closely tied to Buffy’s final resolution of wanting to become better and trying to turn things around is her little sister. She needs to take care of her, be there for her. I’ve had my qualms with Dawn in the past and found her rather annoying but we’ve made a lot of progress and she turned into a great character. She feels so much more well-rounded and like an actual person this time around. She has feelings, she has problems, she has fears. This season, they really nailed the writing for dawn.

Another performance I was very impressed with this season was delivered by Emma Caulfield who plays Anya. Somehow I always overlooked her in the past but this season I feel we learned more about her and writers took the time to imbue her with more depth. My heart broke for her when Xander ditch her at the altar. While I understand why he did it, I’m still pissed. With Xander it’s always one step foward and two steps back. Whenever I think we’re making progress, he does something that just makes me angry. This is a great example. I get that he loved Anya but somehow he proposed when he thought they’re gonna die. Not exactly the best basis. Sure, the future scared him, and it was about him not wanting to fuck up Anya life but how he acted afterwards kinda ruined all redeemable aspects. His behavior towars Anya was unwarranted all the way. She had every right to do what she did. No wonder she chose to go back to being a vengance demon…

Willow is one of the main focuses this season and while I’m glad we get to see her in a bigger capacity, it was sad that it had to be in this way. Willow gets addicted to magic and honestly, some of the scenes were so brilliant they brought me to tears. For example, we have one episode where she gets high on magic and then crashes a car with Dawn inside. How freaking amazing was that? Alyson Hannigan played that with so much raw emotion! And then we get the episode were Tara dies (which completely broke my heart). Willow goes full dark side, and again not only was that well-written but extremely well acted.

We also need to talk about the main antagonists of this season. There are three nerds who are out for, I don’t even know, world domination? At first I was annoyed by them. Their episodes were weak, kinda ridiculous and uninteresting. I rolled my eyes a lot. But then there was an episode that gave me the chills and made me do a 180 on the trio. One of the guys mind-controls his ex-girlfriend, attempts to rape her and ultimately kills her. He the prototype of the *nice guy*. You know, the kind who wonders why he can’t get a girlfriend but thinks shit like this is ok. This just showed that now matter how many monsters, demons and vampires you include in the season, nothing can ever be worse than humans. These guys, or rather their leader was by a long shot the scariest thing we have encountered so far.

As you can tell from my first impression with the trio. the season started off rather slow. There were a bunch of episode that dragged on a bit but overall the episode that nailed it were just so very freaking good. When they get it right, they *really* get it right. I didn’t love every part of this season but overall it had many amazing and impressive moments. This is were I should also address the musical episode. I was aware that it exists but still, it’s not the kind of thing I ever would have expected from a show like Buffy. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the overall story going on in this episode but the songs were pretty dope and it made for an interesting change. It actually sums up the season really well: something isn’t quite working but then they throw in a details that is intriguing enough to reel you back in.

Another season that certainly had it’s flaws. Another season that had take-your-breath-away moments. Another season with a great soundtrack. Another season with impressive acting performances. So, overally I’m quite happy with how season 6 turned out and am very excited to see the seventh and final one!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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