Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 5

Hey guys! Another day, another Buffy review.
We’ve already made it to season 5 – let’s see if the show can keep up it’s pacing and me intrigued!

The Plot:

Lots of things have changed and are about to change in Sunnydale. Do you remember Buffy’s sister?

The Rating:

EXCUSE ME. How well written was this season?! Admittely, we were off to a rocky start and I had my reserverations a the beginning, but damn, we have some episodes in season 5 that are nothing short of brilliant. I’m still feeling a little conflicted on the season as a whole but I am willing to forgive any of the imperfections due to some of the downright amazing episodes that easily balance everything out.

Unless you have seen seasons 1 to 4 pretty much everything from here on out will be a spoiler. Even if you have seen everything up to that point, I will be talking about some season 5 plot points in detail, so consider yourself warned!

Honestly, when I watched the first episode, I really wasn’t sure where we’d go with this. Dracula? What the heck! And then Buffy’s ‘sister’ entered the mix and she was just so damn annoying. It took me almost the entire season to warm up to her even slightly. I fully understand that this wans done intentionally but still, it almost made me want to quite watching. We did, however, get a great episode that put Xander in the spotlight and had him reevaluating who he is. That was well-written and gave me hope!

The thing about season 5 is that I didn’t care too much for the overarching story line. The key, Glory, that entire part of the plot, I wasn’t convinced of and only marginally interested in. There are, on the other hand, two side-plots that are extremely important and enticed me to keep going with the season. You can tell that they must be pretty darn good when I gladly watched all 22 episodes!

First of all, we have Joyce Summers. Buffy mum deals with some severe health issues this season and ultimately dies. The episode where she passes away and Buffy finds her might have been one of the most well-written ones in the entire show thus far. Not gonna lie, I cried. I can guarantee, you will too.

The second side-plot I want to talk about concerns Buffy and Spike. Now, specifically, we’ll need to address the Buffy-Bot. I had been told about that before and my initial reaction was ‘what the actual fuck?’ After watching the season it’s still very much a what the fuck moment but a well-written one. You feel for Spike! His emotional journey, his reasoning, his everything is so well-written, that you’ll be able to understand his decisions. But not just his behavior, also Buffy reaction to him is amazing! She goes through a lot this season and her attitude towards him changes. It’s a gradual thing, and that’s what I appreciate so much. Even in a show full of monsters and slayers, this is written in such a relatable and realistic way!

There are a lot more things I could discuss about this season, but let’s just leave it at this. While the bigger story failed to capture me, the side-plots made more than up for it and I’m curious about season 6!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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