Thursday Movie Picks Oscars Winners Edition: Best Original Score and Best Original Song

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
It’s the first Thursday of the month which means it is time for our Oscars Winners Edition. Today we’re going to cover best original as well as best original song. I bring you three picks for each!

#1 Joker

I actually saw this one in theatres and was blown away by the beauty of the soundtrack!

#2 The Hateful Eight

So, did you know that Ennio Morricone only won one Oscar and it’s for The Hateful Eight? Long overdue.

#3 Lord of the Rings 1 & 3

I’ve mentioned these movies a lot before but there are just so many amazing details about them. LOTR won this particular Academy Award for the first and third films and those are such deserved wins.

#1 8 Mile

As for Lose Yourself from 8 Mile, I always liked the song and was really happy that Eminem finally got to perform it at the Academy Awards last year.

#2 Beauty And the Beast

There had to be at least one Disney song on this list. Many of the tunes won Oscars but I think my favorite one is from Beauty and the Beast.

#3 Dirty Dancing

Think of this movie what you will, but the soundtrack is iconic!

What’s your favorite winner for best original score and best song? Let me know in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks Oscars Winners Edition: Best Original Score and Best Original Song

  1. That’s quite a list! Wish I could say I loved them all, or at least all I’ve seen, but unfortunately that’s not so.

    I do like Dirty Dancing in all its gullible wish fulfillment fantasy. Jerry Orbach is terrific as Baby’s dad and the music is wonderous but its got its clunky parts.

    Ennio Morricone was a mighty talent with many fine scores to his credit but The Hateful Eight is one that I’m unfamiliar with since I’ve avoided the film. It just looks too violent for me, a common problem with Tarantino movies.

    I know I’ve mentioned my utter disdain for LOTR so I’ll leave it at that though they were all very professionally put together.

    I hate rap, am indifferent to Eminem and found 8 Mile a struggle to sit through.

    I prefer the live action versions of Beauty and the Beast but the music of this one is certainly catchy and there for a while ubiquitous.

    I’m suffering major superhero and superhero adjacent burnout and that includes The Joker. I suppose some day I’ll break down and watch it but that day is far off.

    So many ways to go with this and so many great songs (I stuck to Best Song) that it took me some time to decide on an approach. I wanted to do a theme within what with all the options. First I planned to do all songs performed by Judy Garland assuming she’d had three that won (Over the Rainbow, On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe and The Man That Got Away) only to discover that the last was nominated and didn’t win! So I turned to Doris Day but it was the same situation (for the record her winners were Secret Love and Que Sera Sera)! Finally I hit on three that share their song title with the film they were featured in as well as being hits independently on the music charts.

    The Way We Were (1973)-Fiery, opinionated Katie Morosky (Barbra Streisand) meets handsome goyish guy Hubbell Gardiner (Robert Redford) in college during the 30’s. While he admires her moxie and she his writing talent they move in different circles. As WWII is winding down, they meet again and despite their vast differences they fall in love and marry but those very differences eventually tear their relationship asunder. Both the film and the title tune by Marvin Hamlisch, Alan & Marilyn Bergman were gigantic hits, the Streisand’s recording of the song going to # 1 on Billboard as well as winning the Grammy as Record of the Year.

    The Days of Wine and Roses (1962)-Gut wrenching chronicle of young couple Joe & Kirsten Clay’s (Jack Lemmon & Lee Remick-both Oscar nominated) descent into blackout alcoholism. Fittingly for something so dark the title song by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer has a mournful quality but a soulful lilting beauty. Recorded by many artists it reached # 9 on the Billboard charts.

    The Joker is Wild aka All the Way (1957)-Joe E. Lewis (played by Frank Sinatra) was a rising singer on the Chicago nightclub scene of the Roaring Twenties until he angered a mob boss by switching clubs. In retaliation the mobster has Lewis’s throat cut, slashing his vocal cords and therefore his career. He slowly worked his way back as a comic over the next decade. Sinatra’s recording of All the Way written by Jimmy Van Heusen and Sammy Cahn was so popular (# 2 on the Billboard charts) the film was retitled to match it upon re-release.

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  2. When I was little, I didn’t actually watch that many Disney movies, but changed or copied animated movies. Beauty and the Beast is one of those where I cannot tell you if I’ve ever seen it, but I do remember the songs from CDs!

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  3. Nice picks! I wasn’t a big fan of Joker, but the score is nice. It’s amazing that Hildur did the score before seeing the film. Love your other picks too. I almost picked Lose Yourself but went with a theme within a theme instead.

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