Merlin: Season 4 – A Review

Hey guys!
I’m almost finished with Merlin, so without further ado let’s get right down to it and talk a bit about the penultimate season. I’ve had a few minor ups and downs with the show so far, but now it seems to have found it’s groove. Can they keep it up with season 4?

The Plot (as found on Rotten Tomatoes):

When the action begins in season four, a year has passed and Arthur (Bradley James) is acting king while Uther (Anthony Head) remains in a state of depression. Morgana (Katie McGrath) aims to settle a score by summoning Callieach (Gemma Jones) to rip apart the fabric between the worlds of the living and dead, unleashing creatures that kill anyone whom they touch. Merlin (Colin Morgan) suspects someone close to Arthur is a traitor, and when he uses his alter-ego to show that magic is not a force of evil his plan backfires. Arthur takes the next step toward marriage with Gwen (Angel Coulby) but doubts her sincerity when he sees her kissing a revived Lancelot (Santiago Cabrera).

The Rating:

This was brilliant! I wasn’t too sure what to expect going into this season, but the last one was pretty good, so I had my hope up. Well, they fully delivered and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the final season now holds in store for us.
I will be discussing some things that include spoilers, so click read more at your own risk. 😉

What I can say without giving anything away is that the acting is great in this one. It made me feel all the feels and it seemed they finally found a balance between funny bickering scenes and emotionally intense ones. Although I doesn’t seem like they changed much, the show doesn’t feel as underbudgeted anymore. In my previous reviews I mentioned that it appears to suffer from a serious case of not enough money, leaving us with some costumes, props, special effects that felt cheap. Either I got used to it by now or they simply did a much better job.

So very much happened in this season. Morgana is still breaking bad and to be honest, I like it this way. The dark swamp witch style she’s sporting suits her and I’m living for it. Even though her story arc gets a little repetitve over the course of the season, it was interesting and basically fueled the entire plot. Most of her scenes are very similar but Katie McGrath plays with such intensity, it didn’t bother me too much.

Next we, of course, need to talk about Merlin. He has come so far, learned to much, gained confidence. I’m proud of him. He turns into the ancient guy several times this season and at first I found it irritating and hilarious but it turns out it went with the darker moments as well! Sure, many of the scenes were quite humerous but old Merlin was included in some pretty pivotal moments.
Merlin as we know him has some amazing scenes he shares with Arthur. I love their friendship but also admire his devotion. He was prepared to go all in to save Arthur! Finally, let me talk about the finale for a moment. When he has a conversation with Arthur, about the sword in the stone, that was probably one of my all-time favorite scenes. I was so well made, so well written, so well acted, so emotionally charged!

But let’s not forget about Arthur himself. The poor guy had a rough season. His father died, he now finds himself king of Camelot. He has the best intentions and tries so hard but being a king is no easy feat and you can’t please everybody. Especially when some of the people closest to you work against you behind your back.
My heart broke a little about his falling out with Gwen. She’s amazing and was so excited for them to finally be together, I was glad it all worked out in the end.

The story arc in this season was great and kept me hooked from first to last episode. Before there were weak moments in-between where I ended up taking breaks and watching something else for a bit. But with this one I basically binged the entire season non-stop.

This was my favorite season so far and I am beyond excited to see what the final one now holds for us. A couple of things set in motion here will be impactful later, so how will all of that play out? I just hope they can keep up the brilliant writing and the moment built here!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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