Thursday Movie Picks: Natural Disaster

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
Today we’re going to talk about some films that depict natural disasters!

#1 The Day After Tomorrow

In this movie hell – erm, sorry earth, freezes over due to climate change. I watched this film years ago and I know the only reason for that was Jake Gyllenhaal. There isn’t a single thing I seemed to be able to remember about the movie, so I’m not sure how good it was. 😂

#2 Armageddon

This one might be most famous for the Aerosmith song that came on the soundtrack. With a stellar cast inlcuding Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, this movie shows how earth almost is destroyed by an asteroid.

#3 Deep Impact

Deep Impact features a somewhat simliar trope as Armageddon as it features a comet about to collide with earth. According to Wikipedia, while Armageddon was more successful at the boxoffice, Deep Impact is more scientifically accurate. I didn’t bother to do any researcher on that, but now I’m intrigued!

What’s your favorite film about natural disasters? Let me know in the comments!

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Natural Disaster

  1. I’m here to tell ya that The Day After Tomorrow is NOT a good movie in the sense of being well-written or accomplished but I LOVE every ridiculous second of it for it’s sheer unbelievability and the earnestness with which the cast tries to sell it! So many absurd parts but my favorite part was, is and will always remain Dennis Quaid outrunning the ice vortex by lighting a stove! Ya that makes sense!

    Armageddon is equally stupid but not quite as enjoyable since it spends a lot of time talking about the coming meteor rather than on action. I saw it on its original theatrical run in a theatre with an enormous screen which helped over the rough spots.

    The crazy thing about Deep Impact is that they assembled all this great talent, I mean Maximilian Schell and Vanessa Redgrave just for starters, and then they focus the movie on Tea Leoni? Huh? It was okay but I don’t think I’ve watched it since that first time.

    I have a deep pool to pick from since I’m a disaster movie junkie but being as this is not the first time we’ve done this theme I’ve already used my favorites. I decided to use three where the disaster is the star but a major component that interrupts the narrative.

    The Colossus of Rhodes (1961)-Soldier Darios (Rory Calhoun) arrives on the Isle of Rhodes during the Hellenistic period to finds King Serse (Roberto Camardiel) has commissioned a larger-than-life statue of Apollo (destined to be one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World) meant to protect the harbor. Upon meeting master builder Carete (Félix Fernández), who has been commissioned to erect the statue Darios falls in love with his daughter Diala (Léa Massari). Through their alliance Darios also becomes involved with Peliocles (Georges Marchal) and his rebel force who seek to overthrow the tyrannical king. As a revolt foments a massive earthquake lays waste to nearly all.

    Tornado (1943)-Coal miner Pete Ramsey (Chester Morris) has a whirlwind romance with rapacious showgirl Victory Kane (Nancy Kelly) who is passing through town and impulsively marries her. Social climbing Victory pushes Pete to work his way up in the company to enter a high tax bracket but still unsatisfied takes up with Gary Linden (Morgan Conway), the philandering son of the mine owner behind Pete’s back. As matters come to a crisis point the title tornado blows into town and coal isn’t the only thing to hit the fan.

    Red Skies of Montana (1952)-After a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of his crew smokejumper Cliff Mason (Richard Widmark), unable to recall the event, is fearful that cowardice might have been at fault. Though cleared though an investigation he is determined to prove himself again especially since one man’s son, Ed Miller (Jeffrey Hunter), suspects Cliff was responsible for his father’s death. When a canyon wildfire breaks out Ed pursues Cliff there for a confrontation but when they become trapped Cliff must take desperate measures to save them both.

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    • I love your comment Joel on all 3 and agree! These movies appear often on TV and I laugh that Wolves are always evil. Big landmarks explode/destroyed and the major players always live except one. I laugh when Dennis lights a little pilot light on the stove which saves their bacon. Armageddon is stupid but when are big, star-studded disaster movies usually not stupid? I like Deep Impact over Arma but..yeah, Why Tea? She always annoyed me for some reason.


  2. You may have read my response to Joel’s comment. All these flicks are stupid but fun flicks to watch. Star-studded disaster films are almost always dumb …Towering Inferno is stupid but love it. (OJ could saw there was smoke and could have put the fire out with an extinguisher but…nope). oh and, yes, that OJ. I prefer Deep Impact over Arma but they are all dumb, predictable but fun to waste an evening if you don’t feel like thinking.

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