Merlin: Season 2 – A Review

Hello, lovelies!
Welcome to my review of Merlin’s second season. Even though the first one had some flaws, I was quite intrigued and excited for the second one. So, here we go!

The Plot (according to Rotten Tomatoes):

With the wave of a wand, season two of the mythic wizard’s youthful adventures opens with Merlin (Colin Morgan) being pushed aside as Arthur’s favored manservant by the slippery Cedric (Mackenzie Crook), turning the prince against the young warlock. Convinced Arthur (Bradley James) is being used Merlin seeks help from the Great Dragon (John Hurt), who may actually have plans for his own freedom. A romance between Arthur and Gwen (Angel Coulby) grows. Nightmares are clues to Morgana (Katie McGrath) that she may possess magical powers. And Uther Pendragon (Anthony Head) goes to greater lengths to wipe out magic in Camelot once for all.

The Rating:

What a season this was!
The story offers loads of twists and turns. While some of day do come as suprises, a great many are rather predictable. However, that’s not neccessarily a bad thing. No spoilers, but there was one absolutely heart-breaking episode. I knew right away how it would end but still found it rather impressive.

The cast is giving it their all and I’m living for the banter between Arthur and Merlin. I’m beyond curious to see what the future holds for Morgana! I’m always down for a good story about witches and her arc is rather promising. As much as I like Anthony Stewart Head, Uther is getting a bit annoying. Let’s hope he’ll be …less prominent… in the next seasons.

Unfortunately, the season still suffers from somewhat cheap looks and special effects at times. Although they did improve the CGI from the last season, it’s still not as good as what you might be used to. But somehow that adds to the geeky and funny charm of the show! I swear, under other circumstances it would be enough to deter me from watching, but here it kinda works.

Generally speaking, I feel like season two is a step up from the first one. The show realized where it’s strenghts lie and they try to play those. It certainly comes to fruition in the final epsides! The final comes with a fizzle not with a bang. They did such a good job there! It was worth watching the entire season for that alone.

So, while the show overall still suffers from a too tiny budget it seems, you can already spot improvements. Especially towards the end this season picks up not just speed but also gets more intricate in writing and execution. I’m excited to see what’s next!

Did you watch the season? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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