Thursday Movie Picks: Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
Today we’re going to talk about some book to movie adaptations that went terribly wrong!

#1 The Handmaid’s Tale

Last month I wrote a T5T (similar to TMP but book themed!) post about books I liked better than their adaptations. I tried to go with different picks for this post, except for the first one. This is so freaking terrible it need to highlight it once more. You might be familiar with the TV adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale which is, quite frankly, brilliant. What most people don’t know is that there was already an attempt to adapt Margret Atwood’s book back in 1990. This movie is just insanely bad and it’s good that now it’s mostly forgotton.

#2 Percy Jackson

I read almost every book Rick Riordan has ever written and love each and every single one of them. Of course, I was excited about the adaptation. That was, until I actually watched it. I am downright astonished how they managed to fuck it up so terribly. And they even made a sequel!
However, now there is light at the end of the tunnel. A TV series adaptation is currently in the works under close watch of author Rick Riordan (who btw also despised the movies).

#3 Inkheart

The Inkworld books by Cornelia Funke are absolutely magical and perfectly captured the feelings every avid reader has. Somehow they managed to lose all the magic in this adaptation. There is no depth, it’s just weird and the mood is miles and miles off. The book had has this gorgeous dark and touching vibe, the movie is mostly unintentially ridiculous. I am so sad about it because the cast was amazing!

What’s the worst book to movie adaptation you have ever seen? Let me know in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Worst Book to Movie Adaptations

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  2. Inkheart seems popular so far! I’ve never seen it. I’ve only seen the Percy Jackson movie here, but never read the book. I read the Handmaid’s Tale, but never saw the movie. Percy Jackson I get, those kids seem way too old to be playing those parts.

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  3. The film of The Handmaid’s Tale was very disappointing, even more so since they had assembled such a great cast for it. That’s no guarantee of success I know, and as one of my picks also illustrates, but when you see all those distinguished names in the credits it leads to a certain expectation which in this case were totally unrewarded.

    I haven’t seen the other two, not my sort of flick, but have heard of both but never in a positive light. So I have no doubt that your assessment is the right one.

    Plenty to pick from in regards to the theme unfortunately. I could have listed ten without breaking a sweat but these three were the first trio to come to mind.

    The Scarlet Letter (1995)-In a 17th century Massachusetts Puritan settlement Hester Prynne has a secret adulterous affair with the local minister Arthur Dimmesdale while her husband is in Europe resulting in the birth of a child-Pearl. Condemned by the townspeople she is forced to wear a scarlet A in perpetuity to atone for her sin. Such is the meat of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s moralistic novel, but you will find extraordinarily little of any message, or anything else, in this sexed up hash that stars Demi Moore and Gary Oldman. When it’s not vulgar it’s stupid.

    All the King’s Men (2006)-Southerner Willie Stark is a simple man who once he is elected to office slides wholly into corruption stepping on anyone in his way and crushing enemies and friends alike in his insatiable quest for power until a reckoning befalls him. Author Robert Penn Warren’s roman a clef novel of the rise and fall of politician Huey Long won the Pulitzer Prize and was made into an Oscar winning film (Best Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress) in the 50’s. All that is thrown away in this cinematic dog where the director managed to attract an amazing cast (including Sean Penn, Kate Winslet, Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law and Mark Ruffalo) and guided them all to giving some of their worst performances in a film that is both overblown and boring.

    Romeo & Juliet (1936)-The tragic story of impulsive teenagers who because of their families enmity feel compelled to take drastic measures rather than be parted. More a stage text than a book but either way this stiff and clunky adaptation shots itself in the foot coming out of the starting gate by having 34-year-old Norma Shearer playing the 13-year-old Juliet and even worse Leslie Howard aged 43! cast as her 16-year-old swain!

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  4. I do remember seeing a bit of the film version of The Handmaid’s Tale as I keep forgetting that it was by Volker Schlondorff as it’s one of the few films he made in Hollywood since much of his work is set in either Germany or Austria as I remember not liking it. Those Percy Jackson movies were terrible and I did read Rick Riordan’s blog about his experience with the first film as I don’t blame him for being angry. A bunch of Hollywood assholes and a filmmaker who hadn’t made a worthwhile film in years really had no business in creating something that turned into shit and keeping Riordan out of the production. I hope he at least had more to say in the upcoming TV series. I have seein Inkheart as it was just… eh…

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  5. Now that first film looks and sounds so stupid. The acting is horrid and I am surprised with all the good actors in there…well, I won’t count Faye Dunaway since she can be soo…Faye. The other 2 look stupid and, more than likely, trying to fit too much in, but I might still see them if I am sick and lying on the couch one day and they are on TV.

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