A Studio Ghibli Guide: So-So

Hello, hello!
After I recently told you all about the Studio Ghibli films you absolutely need to check out, today I want to bring you some that were quite decent but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend to anybody except anime fans.


I don’t know what I had been expecting from this film but somehow it just didn’t 100% hit the mark for me. It was pretty cute but in comparison with other Studio Ghibli productions it doesn’t hold up all that well. I enjoyed watching it but wouldn’t necessarily do so again.


This is certailny one of the most adorable Ghibli films out here. However, the story is a little weak and left too many qestions unanswered for my taste. The movie also was a bit too long.

Whisper of the Heart

For some reason I can never remember which film this was when I read the title. That’s certainly not a good sign. When you look at the poster you also except something a little more whimsical than what the acutal film turned out to be. It was nice but just didn’t blow me away.

Only Yesterday

So, I actually loved this film. I gave me a lot of food for thought and made me delve into childhood memories. However, as beautiful as the film was, I wouldn’t want to watch it a second time.

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

If you are interested in diving into different cultures and learning something about mythology, legends and fairy-tales this is the film for you. It was absolutely beautiful but also just. so. long. And it starts to drag a little around the middle. Otherwise a rather enchanting picture.

The Wind Rises

While this was a very interesting film, you can only hold my interest for so long when talking about airplanes. This was just far too long considering the topic and lost me somewhere along the way.

Did you watch the film? Let me know in the comments!

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