Thursday Movie Picks: Police Detective

Hey, guys!
Welcome to another entry for Thursday Movie Picks.
It’s a series hosted by Wandering Through the Shelves, so if you want to join the party, head over to her blog! It’s pretty easy: check out each week’s topic and come up with 3 to 5 movies that fit the theme.
This week, we’ll talk about some cool police detective flicks!

#1 From Hell

Let’s talk about one of the most famous serial killers of all time: Jack the Ripper. He was never caught but with From Hell we get an elaborate guess on what might have happened. Granted, it’s not the best movie out there, but I am fascinated by the topic and the graphic novel the film is based on is cool!

#2 Zodiac

Talking of killers that were never found. The Zodiac Killer is among America’s most famous murderers. The movie take on the investigation is also pretty interesting. Plus, it has Jake Gyllenhaal.

#3 Knives Out

I went to see this film in theatres in 2020. Twice. I swear it was only partly because of Chris Evans. Knives Out is definitely one of my favorite detective flicks I’ve seen in recent years. The story is intricate and the investigation is so well written. 100% recommend!

What’s your favorite film featuring police detectives? Let me know in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Thursday Movie Picks: Police Detective

  1. Zodiac is a well put together and finely acted creeper but I think that creep part is what has kept me from ever re-watching it after that first time in the theatre. Too disturbing.

    I really enjoyed Knives Out and it’s one of the last films I saw in an actual theatre before the lockdown. To be honest I don’t enjoy going to movie theatres as much as I used to. Once they started that awful practice of “pre-show entertainment..i.e. forced commercials” and you lost that wonderful few moments of hushed silence to settle into the moviegoing experience before the lights lowered it just was never the same.

    From Hell is one I’ve considered watching but I’ve never been that big of a Johnny Depp fan and his recent slide and flock of lazy performances hasn’t sharpened my desire to catch up with it. Someday perhaps.

    I went with a bit of a theme within the theme for mine this time out.

    Serpico (1973)-Based on the autobiographical book of the same name this looks at honest NYPD cop Frank Serpico (Al Pacino) and his struggles against the corruption that permeated the department in the 60’s and his ultimate role of whistleblower after earning his detective shield. Gritty drama anchored by Pacino’s Oscar nominated performance captures the feeling of a grimy corruption plagued New York City.

    Brannigan (1975)-Chicago police detective Jim Brannigan (John Wayne) hops a plane to England to extradite American gangster Ben Larkin (John Vernon). His brash ways clash with the more reserved British methods of Scotland Yard Commander Swann (Richard Attenborough) but when Larkin is kidnapped before Brannigan can take him into custody rough and tumble cop takes off on a manhunt through the streets of London assisted by Detective Sergeant Jennifer Thatcher (Judy Geeson). Fun actioner was one of the Duke’s final films, the fresh locale invigorating his performance.

    Stone (1974)-In 70’s Australia members of the biker gang The GraveDiggers witness a political assassination while under the influence of hallucinogenics and shortly afterwards begin to be killed one by one. Police detective Stone (Ken Shorter) goes undercover within the gang to try and ferret out the killer. He bonds somewhat with the members but when he uncovers a conspiracy, he must make a choice between his job and loyalty to the gang. VERY 70’s film is more concerned with footage of motorcycles, skinny dipping and exploitation than telling a really cohesive story.

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  2. Good list! Zodiac was an intense movie with great performances. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while. I loved Knives Out. I’m a bit surprised to not see it on more lists and almost put it on my list. I’m excited to see the sequel if Rian still makes one.

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  3. From Hell was a bit of a mess but I still enjoyed it and I, too, love reading about Jack The Ripper. I have several books on the subject and I disagree with the so-called experts because they all say it is the Polish guy…Krapowski, or something like that. I believe it was Druitt. He came from an affluent family, he was a doctor and had a clinic on the edge of Whitechapel district. They found a secret passage that led right into Whitechapel. He was called an “odd duck” and 2 months or so after the last murder he jumped into the Thames river killing himself. Since there is such a class distinction even to this day, I believe it was buried along with his body. His descendants, to this day, would not want this to come out. That is my 2 cents worth. Can you tell I love reading about that case? πŸ™‚ Zodiac is a really good film but a long one and could have been edited down a bit but it is quite well acted. I still have to see Knives Out and plan to see it this year.

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