Book vs. TV Show: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Hello, my darling readers!
After watching (and rewatching) Secret Diary of a Call Girl a while ago, I finally decided to pick up the supposedly real diary the show was based on. Let’s see how that turned out!

The Plot (as found on Goodreads):

Belle couldn’t find a job after University. Her impressive degree was not paying her rent or buying her food. But after a fantastic threesome with a very rich couple who gave her a ton of money, Belle realized that she could earn more than anyone she knew–by becoming a call girl. The rest is history. Belle became a 20-something London working girl–and had the audacity to write about it–anonymously. The shockingly candid and explicit diary she put on the Internet became a London sensation. She shares her entire journey inside the world of high-priced escorts, including fascinating and explicit insights about her job and her clients, her various boyfriends, and a taboo lifestyle that has to be read to be believed. The witty observations, shocking revelations, and hilarious scenarios deliver like the very best fiction and make for a titillating reading experience unlike any other.

Book vs. TV Show:

So, I’ll begin with my thoughts on the show since I saw that before reading the book.

To keep it short, there wasn’t much that I didn’t like about the show. Billie Piper was marvelous in the leading role. She’s charming, she’s funny, she’s witty. Nailed it.

Throughout the four seasons, we also get a bunch of famous guest stars which is intriguing but certainly not the main thing that kept me interested in the show.

What fascinated me was the approach towards the topic. The honesty with which her life was presented. It’s nothing dirty or shameful, it’s her job. It’s simply interesting to get to peek behind a curtain you usually wouldn’t. So, when I picked up the book, that’s what I expected more of.

Well, Belle and I had some trouble getting started.
The real Belle’s vibe was somewhat different than the one Billie Piper had on the show. That was a little irritating and it took me a while to get used to that.

While Belle is certainly a smart woman she didn’t exude the same charm as in the show and I had trouble warming up to her. Her humor also comes across differently, but after a few chapters, I got into that.

There was, however, one thing I couldn’t get into. For my taste, Belle kept complaining too much about her private relationships. That was not only annoying but at times a little delusional.

In all honesty, Belle isn’t the kind of person I would want to be friends with. I had trouble relating to anything she said and kept rolling my eyes for a good portion of the book.

By the way, as the title says, this is a dairy. So don’t expect any coherence or narration. It’s just weird bits and pieces of her life. Just in case you were expecting something different, you were warned.

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show I had lukewarm feelings for the book at best. It was boring at times, annoying at others, only occasionally exceedingly funny or witty. The show is definitely better than the book it’s based on.

Did you prefer the book or the movie? Let me know in the comments!

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