Wicked As You Wish by Rin Chupeco (A Hundred Names for Magic #1)

Hey guys!
At the beginning of this year, I received an ARC of this book in my FairyLoot subscription box. I was a little busy, so it took me a while to read the book and even longer to write this review. Anyways, here we are!

The Plot (as found on Goodreads):

Tala Warnock has little use for magic – as a descendant of Maria Makiling, the legendary Filipina heroine, she negates spells, often by accident. But her family’s old ties to the country of Avalon (frozen, bespelled, and unreachable for almost 12 years) soon finds them guarding its last prince from those who would use his kingdom’s magic for insidious ends.

And with the rise of dangerous spelltech in the Royal States of America; the appearance of the firebird, Avalon’s deadliest weapon, at her doorstep; and the re-emergence of the Snow Queen, powerful but long thought dead, who wants nothing more than to take the firebird’s magic for her own – Tala’s life is about to get even more complicated….

The Rating:

Uuuh this was good.
I can already tell you that this is not the kind of book I’d recommend to anybody. The worldbuilding and the magical topics are a little weird at times but it was right down my alley!

A large part of the world is built from more or less familiar bits of other literary works. Fairytales, Alice in Wonderland and the likes clearly served as an inspiration and I’m here for it.
The way familiar elements were incorporated into the story was amazing. It all gets a fresh coat of paint and thus feels new instead of like a bland copy.

I am still a little confused about the magic system in the story, but apparently this is the first part of a series, so I’ll guess we get a deeper insight on that in later books.
Nevertheless, it did annoy me at times because of the lack of explanation on that front sometimes made it difficult to understand everything that was going on.
This could already be a dealbreaker for many people, so be warned.

Apart from that I quite enjoyed the entire book. There’s humor, there are prophecies there are some badass teenagers, there’s complicated history. Curses to break, kingdoms to liberate – what else could you want?

The only thing that irritated me somewhat was the pacing. The characters are on a quest and whether or not things work out will only be addressed in the very final pages. Although I knew that this is the first part of a series, I had hoped for more on that front. The resolution felt a bit weak after such a big build-up.

All in all Wicked As You Wish is a well-written book with funny and interesting characters. The world-building is right down my alley, so I am excited to read more. I liked it but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it to everybody.

Did you read this book? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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