Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

Hello, my darling readers!
I’m a huge sucker for everything myth-related (hello there, Rick Riordan!), so of course, I had to pick up Neil Gaiman’s take on Norse Mythology. Let’s talk a closer look as his retelling of old stories!

The Plot:

This collection of Norse Mythology features all your favorite Gods: Odin, Thor, and the trickster Loki…

The Rating:

I’ll keep this one really short.
Neil Gaiman is trying hard to make the best of what those Norse Myths have to offer.

Some of the stories are entertaining but – and that’s not Gaiman’s fault – there isn’t much depth. You might learn a little more about some of the Gods but the bottom line is: if shit went down it was definitely Loki’s fault.

I might be a little spoiled because all the other retellings I recently went through were Rick Riordan books. Of course, those are not merely retellings as Gaiman’s collection of stories is. Riordan imbues those myths with new life, adapts and changes them. Thus, the Gods get more depth, the stories are more intricate.

Gaiman works with what was there and certainly made the best of if. However, I find I prefer Rick Riordan’s take on things. If I need more info on certain myths I’d rather skim the Wikipedia article than reading a book like Gaiman’s. Decent collection of stories but nothing special.

Did you read this book? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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