Supernatural: The Best Bits

Hey guys!
This will be my final Supernatural post for now. Thanks for bearing with me this month and following me on my journey through 15 seasons of saving people and hunting things.
Let’s finish this off with my favorite bits about the show, shall we?

The Intros:

Every season of Supernatural has a different intro animation thingy. I don’t know what to call it but it’s super cool. Every time I finished a season I was genuinely looking forward to finding out what the new one would look like. By the way, all of them look pretty badass, so definitely a win here!

The Soundtrack:

Everybody who loves classic rock will have the best of times with this show. I have a playlist on Spotify with all the songs from the show and it’s one of the playlists I listen to most often. I love that they didn’t just go with the most obvious song choices either. So, chances are you’ll hear some of your favorite tunes but you’ll also discover some new ones!

Character Development:

While I criticized in my last post, that season 1 was a bit dire in terms of character development, they really nailed it during all other seasons. Sam and Dean in season 15 are not the same people they were in season 1. They’ve come such a long way, been through so much, and learned a lot which is reflected in their development. Sometimes shows try really hard to just keep the status quo, not daring to change things lest they lose viewers. Here, however, they simply did what was necessary and it really benefited the show tremendously.


This may not actually the best word to describe what I mean, but you’ll get the gist. Throughout the season we got so many amazing cast additions that had wonderful chemistries with the Winchesters and managed to make me laugh and cry. Take for example Crowley or Charlie just to name two! The show just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Fan Service:

The showrunners really listen to their audience and adjust the show accordingly. For example, Misha Collins was so popular, he was bumped up to the main cast, or Bella, who just didn’t connect with fans, was written out of the show pretty fast. It’s nice to see that they care what the audience has to say, yet they still manage to maintain the integrity of the show.

The Funny Episodes:

Although the show is extremely dark at times, there are many episodes that are downright hilarious. Except for the final couple of seasons, we got at least one of those episodes each season and I was looking forward to it every time. They came up with so many inventive ideas and I love that they just rolled with it. Take for example Supernatural the musical, or the episode where they find themselves in a universe where they are actors names Jensen and Jared, starring in a TV show called Supernatural…

Different Formats and new Stuff:

While not every episode or season of Supernatural hit the mark for me, I appreciate that they tried so many different things throughout the seasons, trying to find the show’s identity and giving new stuff a chance. There is, for example, an episode which is clearly inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s movies and it’s one of my favorites!
We get different viewpoints, different episode structures, almost different genres from time to time!

Cliffhangers and Surprises:

In a show like Supernatural, you can never be sure what really happened or if what died will stay dead. Throughout the seasons we got to witness many awesome cliffhangers (mostly at the end of each season) and had to deal with many surprises-both good and bad. Supernatural may be a lot of things, but it certainly never was boring!

Did you watch the show? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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